Hollywood Legend Ron Jeremy Will Be Focus Of New Biographical Documentary "Too Big For TV"

03/05/2019 12:01 - LOS ANGELES, CA - (PR Distribution™)

The film, produced by controversial entrepreneur and reality TV personality Vito Glazers (Mystery Millionaire, The Mancow Show), will recount Ron Jeremy's life as a teacher before becoming famous, his expansive career as an adult and mainstream film icon, and his recent work doing stand up comedy on tour.

Ron Jeremy is an American actor, filmmaker, stand up comedian and entrepreneur.  Nicknamed "The Hedgehog", he was previously ranked by AVN as the Number One adult entertainer of all time. He also has appeared in more mainstream films and more music videos than any other actor.  His entrepreneurial endeavors include ownership of supplement brands, his own high quality rum, and several other partnerships.  In 2001 a documentary was produced about him that focused mainly on his career in adult entertainment.  

"My goal in producing this new documentary about Ron Jeremy is to show the world who is behind the legend.  People want to know where he came from, what his family was like.  This film is going to answer those questions.  He has a very inspirational story that the world needs to hear right now" said the film's executive producer Vito Glazers.  The documentary, cheekily titled Too Big For TV, is filmed primarily between Los Angeles, CA and Chicago, IL.  The film follows Ron Jeremy as he embarks on a trip to Chicago to headline a large adult entertainment convention. After his appearance at the convention, he goes on to perform stand up comedy for a sold out crowd at the world famous Pink Money Gentleman's club.  

The story starts out picking up Ron Jeremy at O'hare airport at 5AM, and then follows him along on his media tour which includes a stop at the iconic rock station The Loop to meet with his old friend, radio legend Mancow Muller.  The film then follows Ron as he gets ready to meet lines of fans at a major entertainment convention in Chicago.  Producer Vito Glazers is alongside him the entire ride, asking him questions that Ron has never answered publicly before about everything from his childhood, to his love interests, and even his past interactions with America's current President, Donald Trump. 

The climax of the documentary (no pun intended), is Ron Jeremy performing a live comedy set for a full house of some of his biggest fans at Chicago's Pink Monkey gentleman's club. His stand up comedy has never been filmed before.  The film follows Ron from a young boy growing up in New York, to becoming a school teacher moonlighting as a broadway actor on the weekends, to an adult and mainstream film icon, best selling author, business man, entrepreneur, and now stand up comedian.  

The film was not intended to be a documentary at first. "When I started filming this project, we went into it thinking we were filming a Ron Jeremy stand up comedy special" said Glazers.  "I originally had asked him if our crew could just follow him around to get supporting shots.  He's such a team player, hard worker, and natural entertainer.  I started asking him questions just because I was curious about his life before being Ron Jeremy.  And I was curious about what he was up to these days.  The things he was telling me were just so fascinating.  He kept turning to me and saying, 'Nobody has ever asked me that question' over and over.  When I went back to rewatch all the footage and interviews, I realized there was too much gold there to just make a stand up special, we needed to tell this story to the world."  After a few conversations with Ron Jeremy's agent, they agreed this was a story audiences would be enthralled by.  

"This documentary gives the full story of the man, the myth, the living legend, Ron Jeremy.  It uncovers and addresses the biggest lies about my client and shows the world his big heart and beautiful mind." said Ron Jeremy's agent and producer Dante Rusciolelli.  The documentary was directed and edited by Joseph Grazziani.  "Our goal was to create a platform to help show Ron Jeremy' true personality and zest for life. This is going to be the most comprehensive documentary about Ron Jeremy ever" said Grazziani.

"Ron Jeremy is a fascinating human being who has transcended icon status to become a living legend.  He is one of the most recognizable faces in the world, but there is so much more to him than what people know about him.  My goal with this film is to show the world who the real Ron Jeremy is, document and share the story of his journey, and use his story to inspire people to follow their dreams." said Producer Vito Glazers.

The producers were hoping to have Too Big For TV completed and ready for distribution, but current events have kept them filming.  One of those events included an incident where Ron Jeremy found his long time friend Dennis Hof dead in his home on his birthday.  Hof was the Bunny Ranch founder and politician from Nevada.  

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