How Don Forman Las Vegas Has Helped His Community Through Charity Work

2019-09-13 12:27:36 - United States - (PR Distribution™)

Don Forman is the founder and CEO of the renowned automobile dealership, United Nissan. Apart from the immense success that he has accumulated as an automobile dealer in Las Vegas, he is also famous for his numerous humanitarian and philanthropic causes that he has championed both in Las Vegas and beyond. At best, Don Forman Las Vegas can be described as an experienced investor who blends his business success with assisting those in the lower socio-economic cadre in society. He has been able to lead a plethora of philanthropic causes individually as well as by partnering with other individuals and institutions alike. Here are some of his humanitarian works:

Assisting Students from Needy Backgrounds

Apart from being a successful automobile dealer in Las Vegas,  he champions the education of students from less wealthy backgrounds in his community.

Together with his team, they have been at the forefront of providing school supplies for local families and students who are destitute. Indeed, the list of activities that Don Forman Las Vegas has participated in over the years is quite impressive.

For instance, they have given free cars to parents who were faced with transportation problems, given open scholarships to needy children among other charitable activities. Consequently, many bright children who would otherwise not have managed to attend school have been provided with a new lease of hope through Don Forman's activities. 

Las Vegas Blood Drive 

Don Forman has gone to the extent of organizing a blood donation drive for those who were in dire need in Las Vegas. The method he used to founder people to show up for the blood drive was superb. 

The ingenious method involved him, the employees at Nissan and other interested parties who were passionate about assisting other people in society. They arranged to offer free rides to people who were willing to donate blood and be part of blood donors in Las Vegas. 

The solution of providing free rides was the best since most people who were willing to donate blood were always complaint of lack of transportation. Therefore, the method that Don Forman and his team came up with played a critical role in increasing the number of people who turned up for the blood donation drive. 

Assisting an Autistic Boy

Don Forman believes in the principle of helping anyone who deserves help, regardless of their social status, creed, religion or ethnicity. Don Forman was part of an event that held a homecoming party for an autistic boy in 2017. 

Surprisingly, everyone had refused to attend the party until a lady who was gifted by Don Forman offer to be part of the event. Not only did Don Forman gift the lady but also gave the boy who had autism an academic scholarship. 

Community Efforts Make the Difference

Don Forman Las Vegas has understood the importance of collaborating with other community leaders and partners when carrying out his charitable activities. It is indeed was charity and philanthropy is all about; using the vast network of associates, family, friends and family to champion a cause in which you believe in. 

Regardless of whether the cause is giving educational scholarships, organizing a blood donation drive or assisting the homeless, Don Forman and His team in Last Vegas are always ready. 

Whats next? Don Forman is among those who firmly believe in the power of affirmative action. For instance, he recently came to the aid of several high school kids who were unable to join UNLV due to final constraints. He volunteered to foot their tuition costs. He believes that for society to grow, members must come forward to assist those who are less fortunate to improve and their welfare.

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