How Provides the Best Distribution Service Where PRWeb Fails to Uphold the Glory

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  LOS ANGELES, CA - 01/08/2019 (

Spreading the news about a new product, service or anything significant is never an easy task when a company/organization wants to reach out to the mass population. Press Releases are a wonderful tool to achieve that goal. When someone uses a distribution company that distributes press releases to media outlets that have a large number of traffic regularly visiting their websites, it makes a positive impact in terms of expanding public relations. However, it is rather difficult to find a company that is able to provide a proper distribution service between hundreds of scammers.  


PRWeb is one of the companies that is providing PR(press release)distribution services for almost 20 years. They don’t help their customers with press release writing and solely focuses on distribution. PRWeb single distribution plans cost $99 - $389, depending on the chosen plan, the Premium plan is the most expensive plan that promises to make a press release “Go Viral”. There is an option to pay an additional $99 to request urgent PR distribution services. Going viral definitely raises an assumption that the customers will see at least hundreds of results on Google as PRWeb also ensures to build up Search Engine reputation.


However, what was seen after conducting Google searches using their recent PR headlines, was quite disappointing. Apart from the PRWeb placement, the press releases can hardly be found on maximum 9 websites. Here are some screenshots from the Google Search Results:





In 2019, the best press release writing and distribution service is provided by This is the company that is dominantly leading the press release distribution industry from the past few years and was named “The Best SEO Tool in 2017” by the Hook Agency.


They offer single press release distribution services from pricing as low as $69 and the $299 Premium Concierge PR distribution plan, being their most valuable plan for creating a massive outreach. guarantees distribution to over 400 media outlets including top-tier newswires such as CBS, ABC, FOX, Bloomberg, AP etc. All of their customers does not only get a placement on the news section, but they also get Google, Yahoo and Bing inclusion to their press releases. The following screenshot is what a customer can expect from PR distribution services (varies from plan to plan):



With the strong background that precedes PRWeb, its failure to uphold the previous glory is saddening. is currently offering the best price and productivity the whole PR distribution industry has to offer.

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