How the Wealthy Build & Protect Their Assets – Hint: It's Not What You Think

2022-04-06 16:47:23 - United States, Utah, Provo - (PR Distribution™)

What do the wealthy do differently? You might be surprised to find out that there are simple and consistent strategies that anyone can implement, and that there is actually something that many business owners, investors and other professionals are likely already doing.

Most of us assume that if you are wealthy that you got really lucky, inherited it, or fell into a good deal. The truth is actually simpler than that. Most are already used to learning and have spent years getting an education. Ask nearly any successful individual and they will likely tell you that what made the biggest difference to their net worth wasn’t a hot stock tip or a home run real estate deal, but consistent learning that got them where they are. 

It’s true that many of us are so caught up in our daily lives that we fail to take the time to focus on what will make a difference to our net worth. Consistent learning gives you the edge with new investments, emerging markets, trends, tax planning and even the latest legal entities. And be careful to equate high income to high net worth. It's what you keep, invest, and protect that makes the biggest difference. 

High net worth individuals know that learning a new tip can save them thousands. A new tax or investment strategy could make all the difference. And we’re not necessarily talking about formal education which usually focuses on theory, science and management. Something that anyone can do is to attend workshops and trainings and learn from the experts. It’s easier than ever with just an internet connection you can virtually listen to nearly any expert on any topic. 

Consider learning from financial and legal experts who are already investing and teaching the latest strategies. Thousands of students have attended the longest-running wealth creation and asset protection event in the country. The 3-Day Asset Protection & Wealth Creation Summit, which features some of the industry's leading experts in tax, asset protection, real estate, and investing, just held their 100th official event. 

The panel of trainers and experts during the 3-day event will feature asset protection author and adviser Don Pendleton; asset protection attorney Clint Coons; former IRS Senior Trial tax attorney Scott M Estill; co-author of The Millionaire Next Door, Dr. William D. Danko; stock market expert and trainer Mike Coval, and more highly-qualified experts. 

During this year’s summit, subject-matter experts and speakers will be sharing their knowledge on how professionals can shield their assets and businesses from liabilities and lawsuits, avoid overpaying probate and estate taxes during investing, and build a personal financial blueprint to achieve peace of mind. 

Attendees will also learn how they can generate a consistent stream of passive income while getting safe, double-digit returns to keep them financially secure. 

"We are proud to have brought together many industry experts who are highly knowledgeable in legal and financial strategies for this summit that can help many professionals be more financially stable while protecting themselves from liabilities and lawsuits," said co-founder Don Pendleton.

"The 100th official Summit is a testament to a growing community that is increasingly interested in learning how they can properly structure and plan their real estate, business, and personal assets to protect themselves and their family," he said. 

Registration for the Summit will include two tickets to the 3-day live event, a workbook comprising the presentation slides used in the livestream, one-on-one consultation with the experts, a free "Richer Than a Millionaire" book written by co-author Dr William D Danko, and a chance to win giveaways. 

For a limited time period, the event registration fee has been waived, and interested parties can attend the 3-Day Asset Protection & Wealth Creation Summit for free while tickets last. In addition, seating is limited to allow time for free personal consultations. 

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Protect Wealth Academy specializes in providing asset protection, wealth creation education, and other services, including estate planning, real estate training, income tax reduction, stock market training, book-keeping, and self-directed IRAs. In addition, the financial education institution organizes the longest-running asset protection event that has taught thousands of Americans how to protect and shield their wealth and assets from liabilities in lawsuits and judgments. Protect Wealth Academy is located at 3651 N 100 E, Suite #100 Provo, UT 84604, and individuals can call them at 800-276-1430 or send an email to  [email protected]

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