How to Buy Gold for a Massive Return on Investment in 2021

2020-09-18 13:23:16 - New York City, NY - (PR Distribution™)

Financial expert Ken Poirot, who oversaw the investment of billions in client assets, shares how to buy gold and how to invest in gold for an incredible return on investment in 2021. 

According to Ken Poirot’s article titled, How to Buy Gold: How to Invest in Gold, he states, “Owning physical gold is the best way to buy and invest in gold.” In this article he also reveals where to buy gold and the mistakes the average investor might make when investing in gold. 

As Ken Poirot explains, “Rather than investing in physical gold, many investors attempt to pick the best gold mining stocks, ETFs, or even try the gold futures market; all these alternatives to physical gold investing could cost investors their potential return on investment.” 

In contrast, Ken Poirot says, “When investing in gold, it is best to keep it simple: buy physical gold.”

Furthermore, Ken Poirot documents in his recent article, Gold: Investing in Gold?, “More and more Wall Street gold analysts are coming forward with bullish forecasts for the future price of gold…analysts say $3,000 is assured; $10,000 is likely; $20,000 is possible.” To put these predictions in perspective, today gold is trading at less than $2000 an ounce. 

Just like most gold analysts, Ken Poirot has also increased his predicted future return on investment for gold as recorded in a recent press release, Money: Investing in Gold for a Huge Return on Investment in 2021.

Ken Poirot cites the global recession, the crumbling US economy, China’s looming economic collapse, and the Fed’s new willingness to let inflation rise unabated all as factors contributing to higher gold prices. For these reasons he believes investors may double their money by investing in gold over the next year. 

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