How to earn on the cryptocurrency exchange without losing anything

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  PRAGUE - 09/06/2018 (

Watching the rate of the first world cryptocurrency Bitcoin, we see constant jumps: the increased rate is replaced by a sharp fall on which a lot can be lost. However, there are currencies that allow you to be always in the positive

 Last year the bitcoin rate ranged from 1 400 to 20 000 USD, another popular currency Etherium showed less fluctuations, but nevertheless it was volatile. Such fluctuations arouse a well-founded concern of investors for their funds, and they try to look for an asset, which may not bring much income, but will not fall in price, guaranteeing the safety of investments in the long term prospect.

The main factor of volatility for any cryptocurrency is the lack of possible fundamental coin value estimation, and also that the majority of ICO projects on the market promising a huge profit are under development, and coins cannot be secured by anything in principle. Inadequate evaluation of the coin value just leads to a sharp fall at a certain stage. Therefore, the high-risky investments of funds in such promising projects usually end for the investor either by loss of funds or other financial costs.

All these factors were laid down in the new coin by founders of ICO project of the diamond company Reger Diamond, which conducts it with the aim of expanding the business and opening new productions. The project team has an extensive experience in the diamond business and it is also familiar with the cryptocurrency market, knowing its strengths and weaknesses. The main advantage of Reger Diamond Security Token is its security. It is at all 100% secured by real assets of the company, and these are diamonds, brilliants, production facilities, technology and other. What's all this for? It is to give investors a guarantee of stability and confidence in preservation of their funds.

Developers of RDS Token do not promise huge profits for the investors - the main benefit - is stability and gradual predictable growth. Therefore, according to the smart-contract, the investor receives 20% of the profit at the end of the year after investment of funds. In the next year there will be another 20% and so on. The rest growth is possible after the coin release at the cryptocurrency exchange, and it will be an additional income for the investor, and only the investor decides whether to sell tokens on the stock exchange, or receive further stable income. At the same time, it has the ability to exchange coins at the nominal value, and this is a direct money back guarantee which is important for any investor.

Thus, RDS Token allows people to earn on the cryptocurrency exchange without losing anything. And here it is worth noting the important fact - to get the maximum profit coins must be purchased at par value of 1 RDC = 1 USD. 

Hurry up, the sale is on from September 3rd and you have a chance to get ahead in business.

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