How To Turn Tragedy Into A Profitable And Life Changing Business

2019-06-04 12:26:27 - United States, Illinois, Chicago - (PR Distribution™)

Most people don’t make it through life unscathed and the same holds true for entrepreneurs. Some entrepreneurs try to hide their battle scars of abuse, addiction, and eating disorders, while others find a way to take their struggles and turn them into their life-changing message.


Kelley Kitley owner of Serendipitous Psychotherapy ( and co-owner of reNew Studio shares with EmpiHER® TV on Apple Tv’s BRANDpreneur™ Network exactly how she took her personal story of sexual abuse, addiction, and eating disorder and turned it into a multiplatform business empire helping women throughout Chicago and the world.


Getting real about what it takes to build a thriving consulting practice, wellness studio, and successful book - Kitley explains the heartaches and unexpected triumphs that have kept her going throughout her career.


“What is so amazing about Kitley’s story is that instead of being defined by her past, abuse, and addiction, she chose to overcome and find a way to turn her mess into her message,” says Ali Craig, host of EmpiHER® TV. “Kitley’s relentless spirit is something all entrepreneurs can relate to as well as be inspired by.“


EmpiHER® TV is a weekly on series sharing the true stories about what it takes for modern female entrepreneurs who are succeeding at building their empires their ways.


Catch Kitley’s entire story on the BRANDpreneur™ Network available on Apple TV, Roku, Android TV, Amazon Fire, as well as on BRANDpreneur™ Life app available in the Google Play and IOS store.

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