How To Undo The Habits That Are Holding You Back

2020-10-28 15:38:18 - United States, New York, New York - (PR Distribution™)

Habits are human nature. Do a task, say a phrase, or think a thought more than once and you have a habit quickly forming. Designed to help accelerate our lives by literally putting everyday tasks on autopilot. Our helpful habits can quickly hurt us as we try to grow to the next level of the success we seek. 

 On this week’s episode of Neriology™, host and founder of the NERI® method, Ali Craig breaks the how, why, and what to do to discover, dissolve, and redo the habits that are holding us back.

With over 22 years of real-world knowledge and experience, 3x best-selling author and founder of The NERI® Method,  Ali Craig has supported thousands of entrepreneurs in building successful brands by understanding others and themselves. Because in the end, everything in life comes down to the relationship. 

Once solely taught to her luxury, Wall Street C-Suite, clients - Craig now shares The NERI® Method with entrepreneurs and self-development junkies from around the world who look to better the relationship with themselves as well as everyone that they meet. 

Neuro Emotional Relationship Intelligence® (or NERI® for short) is about using your smarts (neuro) and your heart (emotional) to create passionate, powerful relationships throughout all areas of your life with yourself and with others, personally as well as professionally. All the while in an intelligent manner that uses your innate true beliefs, perspectives, and insights to your advantage as well as to all of your relationships. 

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