How Tony Nguyen Brought His Family’s History & Success to iVson Media

2022-01-12 23:30:00 - Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

If you are not familiar with Tony Nguyen’s family history, it is quite the rags-to-riches story. Though his Vietnamese ancestry dates back for generations, Tony’s story began when his family first escaped the oppressive Communist government toward the end of the Vietnamese Civil War. His father took the basic aptitude test required to enter the United States and was able to secure a full-ride scholarship to the American university of his choosing. At this point, the Nguyen family had a new lease on life, but there was still a long way to go before they would assimilate into American society and eventually find financial success.


Tony’s father chose to turn down the opportunity to go to college so that he could begin working and support his family. He started as a janitor at a glass manufacturing company because it was the only job available to an immigrant with limited English-speaking abilities. However, he worked hard because providing stability and security for his family were his main concerns. As a result, he later became a supervisor at the company, providing even more resources for the family. 


Despite working his way up the business ladder quickly, Tony’s father still wasn’t satisfied. He had been putting way savings for years with the intention of starting his own business. With time, he was able to open up a convenience store. After Tony’s father and mother separated in 2016, his mother took over the business, which by that time was grossing $1.2 million per year. Meanwhile, his father built a fish market in downtown Rock Hill, South Carolina. He would later go on to sell the market for $2 million and retire in Florida. 


In short, the story of the Nguyen family is truly one of hardship, hard work, and ultimately success. They really experienced the American dream; from living in temporary housing and using food stamps to owning large estates and fulfilling their entrepreneurial ambitions. However, the story isn’t over yet. 


Following in his parents’ footsteps, Tony Nguyen has continued to be thrifty, enterprising, and hardworking, most recently through the continued success of his marketing agency, iVson Media. His services are specifically designed to grant others the same success and ideals that have been ingrained in Tony Nguyen since birth. Now, he wants to help other ambitious entrepreneurs build their companies and provide for their families for years to come.


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