Hydrogen on demand for megawatt turbines

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  United States, Oklahoma, Millerton - 02/25/2020 (PRDistribution.com)

Hydrogen in a skillet can be used to demonstrate a new hydrogen production method.  Catalytic chemistry has been used to create a new catalyst which efficiently splits water, retains the oxygen in the liquid, and releases pure hydrogen for use as a fuel.  

The hydrogen can be produced cheaply and in high volume for a fuel to power turbines for electrical power generation.  The catalyst is made from carbon. The carbon catalyst is not consumed in the production of hydrogen, making the catalyst cheap to produce and therefore useful for high-volume applications.  The hydrogen-production process is exothermic, and produces more heat than required to sustain the process. 

This new catalyst, called CATALYTIC CARBON, is described online at http://www.freepatentsonline.com/20160068971.pdf

Cheap metals can be used, including scrap aluminum and/or iron.  The technology is available for researchers and non-exclusive licensees who want to develop this technology for production of cheap, high-flow-rate hydrogen.  The new catalyst is described by the inventor online at https://www.phillipsexport.com/hydrogen

Anyone can demonstrate the production of this catalyst at low volume, in a skillet, as a DIY project.  Then, the process can be scaled up to high hydrogen flow rates to power megawatt turbines. The maximum hydrogen flow rate is limited only by the apparatus used to produce the hydrogen.  There is no temperature upper limit and no pressure upper limit, although the process also works well at atmospheric pressure and at temperatures as low as 80 degrees centigrade as shown by a simple "H2 in a skillet" DIY experiment.

Production of hydrogen in a skillet is demonstrated online, by an independent third party, at 


Feed-stock cost is limited to the consumption of scrap iron or scrap aluminum and water.  The new catalytic carbon process is available to any company who wants to develop the hardware needed to produce hydrogen at high flow rates, on demand, without the need for tank storage, gas compression or cooling to cryogenic temperatures.

For R&D assistance using this new technology, or for patent licensing, PhillipsExport company can be reached by contacting the General Manager, Howard Phillips, by email at [email protected] to request engineering assistance.

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