IIT Kharagpur Foundation USA Awards 14 Students with International Internships

2021-08-20 12:46:25 - United States - (PR Distribution™)

The IITKGP Foundation has awarded 14 scholarships for internships at several institutes. This innovative program, in its third year, will facilitate IIT-KGP students to intern with some of the top global institutions around the world. The internship awardees and their host institutions are listed below. 

United States: Harvard-Adarsh Singh, University of Illinois at Urbana-Shaurya Shrivastava, Princeton-Aniruddha Saha, Cornell-Jayesh Sharma, Georgia Tech-Madhusudhan Reddy Pittu, Arizona State-Suchismita Nayak, University of California-Berkeley-Shakul Pathak, and University of Michigan-Siddhant Haldar

Canada: University of Ottawa-Kamal Gurnani and Institut National Scient, Quebec-Parth Tiwari 

The Netherlands: The University of Groningen-Sourabh Choudhary

England: University College, London-Mallina Chowdary

Germany: Max-Planck-Institute, Stuttgart-Rajat Kamboj 

Australia: University of Technology, Sydney-Prakash P S 

“We are pleased to continue this program to foster a synergy between the excellent education at IIT-KGP with the research and studies at the world’s other top universities,” said Ron Gupta, President of the IITKGP Foundation USA. 

The 14 selected students are from different departments/programs and varying degree levels of study. The topics of research cover a wide array of subjects depending on the student and the host institution. Some students will focus on scientific topics such as the human immune system or genome sequencing to help better understand the microbial world, others will focus on issues that face transportation and infrastructure, and still others will focus on AI (artificial intelligence) and machine learning. At the conclusion of their internships, the students provide the Foundation with a one-page report highlighting the results of their research and the applicability to real world problems. 

The IITKGP Foundation will continue to support initiatives like this to build robust relationships between the students and premier institutions to foster the contributions that these students bring to future technological developments in their fields and beyond!

The IITKGP Foundation USA would like to congratulate and wish the 14 scholarship awardees the best of luck and success in their upcoming internships!

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