Inboundgeo Launches Direct Mail Tool with First-Ever Dynamically Derived Web Content

2019-10-29 12:59:35 - United States, Texas, Dallas - (PR Distribution™)

New Content Derived Filtering tool enables marketers to send direct mail to highly curated customers with the exact web content in which they demonstrated high interest

Inboundgeo, a leading GPS-based offline retargeting solutions provider, today announced an industry-first feature to the Inboundgeo Marketing Suite – Content Derived Filtering. The new tool enables marketers, for the first time ever, to retarget and re-engage their online web traffic with direct mail campaigns dynamically customized with website content specific to the customers’ browsing interests. The entire process greatly boosts a positive customer experience, lowers direct mail budget and increases ROI.


With this new tool, marketers simply set their highly customized filters and the software uses analytics that track the users’ specific interests to automatically generate a direct mail piece with customized content directly from the website. Every website visitor can receive customized direct mailers specific to their very unique interests, all within 72 hours of visiting the target website. With Inboundgeo, users can now take the precision, efficiency and customization of data-centric, online marketing and bring it into the offline world where customers actually live.


Industry First Features:

  • Custom direct mailers created directly with the specific content a customer views on your website
  • Advanced filters include ability to target by brand names, product names, pricing, sku, keywords, distance from store, etc…
  • Automatic integration that doesn’t require corporate IT 
  • Zero set up fees


“Marketers are all familiar with the ‘Rule of Seven’ where you need to touch your customer seven times before they’ll act or purchase your product," stated Michael Sitarzewski, Inboundgeo’s chief executive officer. "Inboundgeo can now offer the most engaging, dynamic and visually exciting option to help satisfy that rule – and do it with a near 1000% ROI. Due to the highly targeted, customized and immediate nature of this tool, marketers will find Inboundgeo can reduce that rule by a few touches.”


The system uses GPS targeting to triangulate the precise physical address of the computer used to visit a clients’ website – not the IP address, but the mailing address. Inboundgeo truly takes marketing beyond the pixel and into the home.


For a demo or more information on offline lead generation and geolocation retargeting or how to increase your marketing ROI to 900 percent, visit


About Inboundgeo

Inboundgeo, a product of Epic Playground, is a Dallas, Texas based marketing software company offering an offline lead generation and geolocation retargeting platform that bridges the gap between online and offline worlds. They enable marketers to send customized direct mail to precise addresses of single-family homes who have visited a company's website. The company was established in 2013 with equity partners Mercury Fund, Draper Associates, LP Ventures and TechStars. For more information visit

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