Independent Black-Owned Publishing Company Battles Against the Lack of Diversity in Children's Books

2021-08-20 15:46:25 - United States, California, San Francisco - (PR Distribution™)

Just 9% of children’s books published in the US in 2017 featured African or African American characters. Africans and African Americans wrote or illustrated just 3% of the books counted by the CCBC in 2017.

-- Katy Scott, CNN

San Francisco, California - Conscious Culture Publishing is a Bay Area Children’s Book publisher integrating Black culture with high-end 3D software and animation. Bucking the traditional publishing industry that lacks inclusive storytelling and people of color, Conscious Culture Publishing is releasing their second commercial release, The Genius of Egypt.



The Genius of Egypt is the incredible story of the world’s first multi-faceted genius, Imhotep, and his amazing adventure from humble student to magical healer to eventually becoming the savior of the entire kingdom of Kemet. Set in 2600 BCE, Imhotep’s journey includes themes of courage, the quest for knowledge, and the idea that believing in yourself is where your true power lies.

Before I started Conscious Culture, I was having a really difficult time finding contemporary afrocentric children’s books for my daughter,” explained Marlon McKenney, founder of Conscious Culture Publishing and Illustrator of The Genius of Egypt. “With my experience in 3D technology, illustration and animation, I felt that it was my obligation to do something about it. That’s when I first had the vision for the The Genius of Egypt.

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About the Company
Conscious Culture Publishing is an independent publishing company committed to creating a platform for diverse content that push the boundaries of traditional storytelling. Through the creation of narratives that are a reflection of the people both creating and experiencing these stories, we empower young readers to reach their fullest potential while embracing their history and culture.

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