Industry Veterans Launch New Company to Address Next Generation Security Challenges

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  RESTON, VA - 01/08/2019 (

Security, intelligence, and technology industry experts Matt Devost and Bob Gourley have launched a new company to address current and emerging enterprise challenges.  

OODA LLC will provide comprehensive consulting and advisory services including a highly specialized Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning security practice. As Devost notes “AI and Machine Learning are quickly becoming a universal technology, yet many enterprises are adopting these approaches without appropriate consideration for the security risks.”

“We’ll be addressing not only traditional security and technology issues, but also looking at the vulnerability and integrity of emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence” added Gourley.  

In addition to the AI security practice, OODA will offer comprehensive assessments using their EVALU8 methodology, Virtual CISO/CTO services, risk management consulting, and business support including market development and investment/acquisition due diligence.  

Devost and Gourley have been collaborating for over twenty years and were co-founders of the highly successful FedCyber conference. Bob Gourley is a former Naval Intelligence officer that later served as Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of the Defense Intelligence Agency and founder of the popular web site. Matt Devost is an established security professional and entrepreneur having been Founder of CEO of the Terrorism Research Center and the red teaming and incident response consultancy FusionX and founder of the site.

Iconic businessman Scott McNealy, the former co-founder of Sun Microsystems and Chairman of WayIn, is an advisor to OODA. On their formation he commented that “OODA has assembled an unprecedented combination of expertise and has the experience required to help organizations navigate the fine line between risk and opportunity. Innovation today is moving at warp speed and CEOs who want to optimize opportunity will benefit from the experience and insights of OODA.”

About OODA LLC: The firm was named to capture the spirit of the successful international business strategy OODA, which stands for Observe - Orient - Decide - Act.  The OODA Loop is a process articulated by Air Force Colonel John Boyd to teach optimal air to air combat. Devost and Gourley have applied OODA concepts to cyber risk mitigation, opportunity assessment and intelligence operations for businesses operating in multiple sectors of the economy and are focusing on this approach in their consulting and advisory services. To learn more about OODA LLC visit

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