Infinity Metaverse Launches World’s first Open and Interoperable Metaverse Network

2022-08-03 19:00:00 - London, United Kingdom - (PR Distribution™)

The race to create the next evolution of the internet, known as the metaverse just got a major boost from London based start-up Synaptic Black.

London, Aug. 3, 2022 – Synaptic Black, creators of the Infinity Metaverse announced today that they have launched their service targeting businesses and brands that want to build their own metaverse experiences and host them just as they can with websites.

At the heart of the service is a new protocol called IMTP, which acts as the glue between users and the metaverse, enabling users to jump between different metaverse worlds while maintaining their own Avatars and user data.

The new protocol sits on top of the existing HTTP protocols of the internet and offers a number of improvements around age verification, content ratings and private user data control. Being built into the protocol directly means that content creators can also control to a fine degree what types of users can access their community. For example, children under 18 or NSFW ratings can all be applied directly to the protocol.

Infinity Metaverse Details:

  • Creators build their own metaverse with free and open source tools such as Unreal Engine 5 from Epic Games – Unity is on the roadmap for a future release
  • Users use a new free metaverse gateway application called “orca”, which is a special web2/web3 transitional browser application based on top of Googles Chromium Browser
  • Businesses and Brands can host their server with any public cloud provider
  • Users can transition between web2 and web3 – for example, the user can view metaverse content/items in a detailed 3D world, and then automatically transition to an existing Internet website to purchase

“There are several advancements here, that we think will underpin the future metaverse,” said Brennon Williams, CEO and Founder of Synaptic Black. “This is a streaming infrastructure solution delivering experiences to people on the devices they have today, without requiring massive downloads or specialized hardware.”

He further stated, “Businesses and Brands can now develop their own metaverse experiences; they get to own the IP and all their data, they get to make the rules of their metaverse, rather than running it on a walled-garden or platform charging fees or worse still, having to buy or rent digital land.”

Along with the launch of the infinity metaverse website and portal, the company has released their partner program and is keen to build the supporting services and ecosystem needed by creators who may not have in house expertise across the large number of technologies needed to craft a market leading experience.

About Synaptic Black, Infinity Metaverse:

Founded by Brennon Williams, award winning tech industry veteran of 28 years along with Dale Perkins-McCook and Taurimus Valys, Synaptic Black is a young British start-up dedicated to making the metaverse a fair, open and inclusive system for the world. 

Infinity Metaverse is an infrastructure/streaming solution, enabling brands, people and organizations to build and host their metaverse experiences, just like they can with websites on the internet today.

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