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Cliff Williams (Cliffhanger), curator of the new genre “Gritstep” pulls influence from blending DnB, deep house, trance, dubstep, funk, electro, hip-hop, and psychedelic rock.  His melodies and heavy rhythms have created beats so alluring it’s almost impossible not to bob your head. His music is sure to reach into your soul and relieve your body and mind of the everyday mundane activities that have created a world of zombies and robots….

Born in Detroit, naturally music was something Cliff was always drawn to. After learning to play the piano and saxophone at a young age he recognized that he just didn’t fit into the cogwheel of reading / playing someone else's songs and naturally felt better putting together his own melodies. 

In 2009 Cliff got his feet wet with the electronic scene in Colorado and Detroit;  in 2012 he joined the Dirty313 DJ team where he played several events in the Detroit area before ultimately joining the military. 

After the military, Cliff was introduced to Award Winning Songwriter Nick Caster, who has contributed to many of today’s hottest stars Billboard Top 10 songs as well as being a major influencer in promotions and artist development. Nick has also been recognized as global industry leader in SEO in 2019. 

Cliffhanger's EP is due to drop on 11/29/2019 with Universal Music Group distribution on all major platforms. We are excited to see what the future has in store for this innovative artist. 

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