Innovative Training Solutions for the Global Energy Sector

2020-07-24 16:10:32 - United States, Texas, Houston - (PR Distribution™)

Innovative Training Solutions for the Global Energy Sector 
ATR and Capstone ITS Form Strategic Partnership

HOUSTON, TX – July 24, 2020: Today ATR and Capstone ITS announced a strategic partnership connecting ATR’s SmartProcedures with Capstone ITS’ technical writing, custom training and competency management services. This partnership integrates ATR’s powerhouse procedure management system with Capstone ITS’ transformative training solutions, further empowering high-performance, reliability and safety within global energy organizations.

“As a company that focuses on innovation as a core value, we are very excited to announce this partnership with ATR whose leading-edge procedure technology is a great fit with our training and technical writing expertise, ultimately providing best in class value for clients and a safer workplace". 

Alex Taimuri, Capstone ITS, Co-Founder and CEO

“We are thrilled to partner with Capstone ITS. Their capabilities perfectly complement our procedure lifecycle platform and they bring extended value to companies wanting to improve procedure quality, human factors, and training. We are excited to have them in our ecosystem”.

Elliott Lander, Founder and Managing Director, ATR Inc.


The benefits of this new partnership include:

  • Accurate, human factored content delivered to workers in any format, on any device enabling each worker to perform their work flawlessly and safely.
  • Capstone ITS written procedures on ATR’s digital platform enables a sustainable environment of enterprise-wide accessibility and user engagement. 
  • Resource heavy and time-consuming aspects of procedure continuous improvement, such as change management, workflow updates and format continuity are eliminated and operators have the latest revision of critical procedure documents updated in real-time.

About ATR: With over 20 years of service to high-risk industries, ATR is committed to improving process safety, focusing on human performance and technology solutions. SmartProcedures is an all-in-one specialized procedure system improving all phases of the procedure lifecycle focusing on humanizing procedures for maximum worker safety and performance.

About Capstone ITS: Capstone ITS delivers high-quality, turnkey technical writing, custom training and competency management solutions designed for accelerated learning and testable results. Capstone ITS is committed to creating a safer, more skilled energy industry through innovation and integrity.

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