Intellese & OpenBots: RPA Partners for the Energy Industry & More

2022-02-22 20:00:00 - The Woodlands, TX - (PR Distribution™)

Feb 22, 2022; The Woodlands TX – Intellese and OpenBots are officially partners!

For the last couple of years Intellese has been introducing companies to Intelligent Document Processing (IDP), an artificial intelligence (AI) powered process for extracting data from scanned documents.  Intellese has helped both small and large companies in the upstream, midstream, and renewable energy sectors, as well as construction, logistics, and back-office administration services companies improve efficiency, reduce costs, and accelerate project timelines using both fully automated and human-in-the-loop (HITL) document processing and data capture technologies.  One such project required data to be moved from a spreadsheet to an online database that did not have a feasible import option.  Intellese used the OpenBots Robotic Process Automation (RPA) platform to create a data entry bot that could create records, enter values into field, pick from dropdowns, etc.  From there Intellese created more bots to automate more processes, and the rest will be RPA history!

Intellese is a Certified Implementation Partner of OpenBots, with multiple staff members being certified in OpenBots Studio, OpenBots Agent, OpenBots Server, and OpenBots Documents.  This allows Intellese to sell, set-up, train, and provide professional services to anyone interested in using the OpenBots platform.  Intellese also works with companies that simply need to get a project done, regardless of which platform is used, as long as it completes the tasks on time and within budget.

About Intellese

Intellese is a data services team focused on helping companies on their automation journey utilizing best-in-class tools to increase efficiency, improve data quality, reduce redundancy & repetition, accelerate workflows, and prove ROI.  Intellese acts as implementor, process concierge, and full-service data provider by either selling & setting up solutions, being a client’s data science team, or simply providing back the results of executed IDP and RPA processes that may include AI and machine learning (ML).  For more information, please visit https://intellese.com/.

About OpenBots

OpenBots is a full-featured RPA platform designed to build & orchestrate enterprise automations at a fraction of the price of any platform on the market.  RPA stands for Robotic Process Automation and involves using digital robots and software to execute common business tasks usually performed by a human worker.  OpenBots was founded in 2019, to build an Enterprise Class comprehensive RPA Platform with a Zero Cost Bot license business model that focuses on Enterprise Support and other SaaS tools based revenue. Please visit https://openbots.ai/ for more information.

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