Introducing Fiction Letters: Great Fiction Sent to Your Mailbox as Personalized Letters!

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  • Fiction Letters is a fun new way to read fiction – it's serialized fiction sent through the mail as personalized letters
  • Fiction Letters brings back the nostalgia and excitement of receiving physical letters in your mailbox

  CHICAGO, IL - 01/08/2019 (

Fiction Letters is a new literary experience that provides series of short stories written as serialized letters that are physically sent to the subscriber over an eight-week period.

Remember the thrill of opening your mailbox and finding a letter waiting for you?  Unfortunately, those days are gone.  With texting, Facebook, Twitter and all the other digital ways to communicate today, most people just find junk mail when they open their mailbox.  Fiction Letters was created to change that!

There are several series of Fiction Letters available, each of which are from an old “friend” of yours.  Once a week, over an eight-week period, that friend sends you a letter that tells an amazing story.  Filled with intrigue and suspense, your friend’s story unfolds as the weeks go on.  Before long, you will again be excited to check your mailbox to see if the next letter has arrived!

For example, the popular Seeking Justice Series is a series of letters from your friend Jen whose neighbor was just found dead in his home.  The police say it was a suicide, but Jen thinks he was murdered.  Through her weekly letters, Jen relays her quest to find her friend's murderer and introduces a cast of intriguing characters along the way.

“The idea of Fiction Letters was born when a member my family got a letter in the mail from an old friend,” says Eric Scott, founder of Fiction Letters.  “At first, everyone thought that it was strange for someone to send a physical letter.  Why not just send an email?  As we reminisced, everyone agreed that they missed the excitement of opening the mailbox and finding a letter waiting for them.  'Why not create a service that recreates that thrill,' I thought, and Fiction Letters was born.  We really believe that Fiction Letters offers a unique and fun new way to read fiction and it brings back the nostalgia of opening the mailbox to find personalized letters waiting for you."

For more information about Fiction Letters, head over to  For questions, comments or press inquiries, please contact Eric Scott at [email protected] or 845-276-0236.

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