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Over the past few years, the cryptocurrency industry has grown exponentially. With the value of digital currencies like bitcoin increasing, many people are now investing in crypto to make transactions. But the high value of cryptocurrencies has made it a lucrative opportunity for cybercriminals. And as such, people have lost thousands of dollars to fake investments on the internet, and more are still in the process of losing. Recovering scammed cryptocurrencies require the services of a credible cyber forensic company/firm like fintrack.org

Perhaps, a pointer to the efficacy and efficiency of Fintrack’s services is the incredible recovery story of Liz and her husband.

Knowledge Is Power as much as it is Safety in the case of this young couple. Liz was contacted through her social media account by Sarah; a lady in her mid 30’s, someone she later discovered to be a scam artist. They bonded over something as basic as their shared Love for gardening and horticulture. Once they became pretty comfortable, Sarah advanced to showing Liz her earnings from investing through a top brokerage firm and asked Liz to install a fake trading application with legitimate-looking domain and customer support. 

They moved conversations to investment where Sarah asked Liz to invest a small amount, and even let her withdraw that money with profit as bait. Liz was excited to have found an additional means of income for the family so she did what any good wife would have done and brought her husband in on the investment plan.

The couple were instructed to buy various financial products and to invest in special “profitable” trading events. To lure them into making a significant investment, Sarah offered an in-app loan of $150,000 meant for a slot of $500,000 so Liz and her husband were convinced to deposit the $350,000 to secure the slot. This was the largest deposit the couples made to the platform and it began making huge profits just as Sarah had implied. 

According to the couple, they weren’t looking to close the trading account at the time, they only wanted to withdraw bits from the seemingly huge profits they’ve been making but to their surprise, they were required to settle up a tax deficit that wasn’t in the investment contract, however they went ahead to pay tax in the sum of $90,000 that is 15% of the total balance, in the hopes that they will get access to their investment but their withdrawal never arrived. 

They became suspicious and took it up with the support team but were immediately locked out of their account and also couldn’t find traces of Sarah’s profile anywhere leaving them stranded and defrauded of at least $450,000 that was in most cases transferred by buying cryptocurrency through the Binance app and then to the fake trading application. 

Liz and her husband were forced to seek answers seeing that they couldn’t get hold of anyone from the investment platform. Their findings echoed a report released by Fintrack sometime last year concerning scammers abusing social media or dating sites and apps to social-engineer victims into installing fake trading apps on their devices. They were prompted to compile a report that was made to fintrack and an investigation into the initial scam revealed that its perpetrators used Apple’s ad-hoc Super Signature distribution scheme to target iOS device users and Liz only happened to be one of the many victims of this.

As they expanded search and evaluation based on user-provided data and additional threat hunting, they were able to restore the couple’s access to withdraw their investment. The evidence suggested that malicious apps were tied to the scam on iOS leveraging configuration profiles that abuse Apple’s Enterprise Signature distribution scheme. 

There are companies out there that offers everything you’ll need and more; high cryptocurrency liquidity combined with advanced features such as margin funding, leverage, and multiple order types but its best to stick to the widely adopted investment platforms and be sure to do our own bit of research before ever investing with an online brokerage company.

Fintrack is an authorized criminal investigation agency specializing in operational support and investigative services to fight against transnational crimes and with Liz’s testimony, along with many others, it’s evident that Fintrack is the best cyber security company that recovers funds from scammers with an incredibly high level of experience and expertise. Clients who need Fintrack’s services can reach out to the firm via support@fintrack.org.

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