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American Equus is thrilled to announce its new, exclusive polo partnership with leading US polo player Nic Roldan. Now the official stirrup supplier for Roldan, American Equus is dedicated to elevating their collection of polo stirrups with the expert knowledge and input of Roldan as a player at the top level of the sport.


"Percentage gain makes all the difference at the top of the sport and as such innovation in the equipment I use is very important to me," Roldan said. "In polo the stirrups are key as the form the hitting platform. American Equus’ stirrups combine this with safety, cutting edge materials and extra grip. The All American aspect resonates with me and the endless customized color combinations are perfectly suited for the team nature of polo."


Roldan actively seeks to educate on the athletic aspect of polo and what it takes to be successful, all while promoting forward thinking companies that can play a part in supporting his goals. Constantly seeking to team up with brands who are working to develop cutting edge and innovative gear that supports the equestrian athlete, Roldan found American Equus to be a perfect fit as they combine an understanding of sports ergonomics and fine craftsmanship in all of their products made proudly in the USA.


"We are thrilled to partner with a top polo player like Nic Roldan to collaborate on our line of polo stirrups and help us continue to elevate their design and performance," said David Shano, CEO and Owner of American Equus. "American Equus takes great pride in producing a high quality, hand crafted product that will stand the test of time and offer a luxurious look and feel, and we are pleased to be expanding our reach in the polo industry as Nic's official stirrup supplier."


As part of American Equus' partnership with Roldan, they will offer a “Nic Roldan Signature Line” of stirrups that he has helped craft and design for both the serious competitor and casual polo player. The stirrups offer a firm base to stand up out of the saddle, lateral crush resistance, and a luxury look and feel worthy of the international polo field. The ultra customizable stirrups are available at two price points, one for those looking to purchase just a few pairs for personal use, or those looking to buy numerous pairs for a large barn.


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