Iowa Attorney General Publishes Misleading Article About Help Your Diabetes and Dr. J. Murray Hockings

2021-08-20 12:46:25 - DALLAS, TX - (PR Distribution™)

The Iowa Attorney General's office omitted key facts in the misleading article they published about Help Your Diabetes and Dr. J. Murray Hockings. They have refused to print an addendum that includes the missing facts.

Let's go through their article point by point and show all the misleading statements and what they omitted...

Misleading Statement #1
"...illegal consumer contracts..."

They state the contracts HYD used were illegal. Any person has the right to waive their right in any issue. For example, when someone gets arrested, they are given their Miranda Rights, stating, "you have the right to remain silent...". Once being told this right by the officer, the person being arrested can waive this right and talk to the officer. Regarding the contracts used by HYD, each patient voluntarily waives their right of rescission or ability to cancel, which is their right. Patients are not forced to do this. They have the option of not joining the program and not paying any money, however, the two patients referred to in their article where both explained their rights and agreed to waive their rights and signed contracts stating they agreed to waive their rights. Nothing illegal was done. The Iowa AG's office didn't agree with HYD's policy.

Misleading Statement #2
"...refused $4,000 refunds to two older Iowans..."

HYD did initially refuse to refund the two patients in question because both had signed contracts stating they agreed to waive their right to cancel. HYD provided copies of the contracts to the Iowa AG's office, but even though they saw the signed agreements, they came to the conclusion they didn't agree that someone had the right to waive their right to cancel. HYD could have gone to court and have an expensive fight to prove their contracts are legal, but they are aware that in any lawsuit, the only people who win are the attorneys. HYD chose to avoid a lengthy and costly legal battle they would have surely won and decided to refund both patients. The Iowa AG's office omitted the fact that both patients were refunded 100% of what they paid HYD. Refusing to include this fact is very misleading and makes it look like HYD still hasn't refunded the two patients. When HYD asked the Iowa AG's office to publish an addendum that disclosed these facts, their response was "Our office does not negotiate the contents or any other aspect of press releases, public statements or the like, and therefore we decline your request to issue an addendum regarding refunds provided to Iowa consumers." Anyone can call the Iowa AG's office to verify that both patients were refunded in full at (515) 281-6774.

Misleading Statement #3
"...can't force them to to give up."

No one was forced to give up their rights. They were explained their rights and they voluntarily chose to waive them and signed a contract stating that. They could have easily chosen not to sign the contract like many people in the past have. Patients attend a free 90 seminar explaining how bad diabetes is and how HYD can help reverse it. Seminar attendees are given the choice at the end of the seminar to have a consultation the next day with Dr. Hockings for $125. Typically over 85% of the attendees choose not to have a consultation. They choose. Once patients see Dr. Hockings for the consultation, they are given the option of joining the HYD program. Again, they get to choose. Many people choose not to join, but the ones who do join sign a contract stating they waive their right to quit the program. The choose. HYD has this policy because with any lifestyle change, if you want to get results, you need to stick with it and not quit. Dr. Hockings makes it very clear in his seminar and during the consultation that if you can't stick with the program then it would be better for you not to even start because you won't get results. It is better for the patient when they know they can't quit and must stick with the program. All patients who join understand that, which is why they willingly sign the contract. Occasionally there will be patients, like the two in question, who go back on their word and their signed contract and still decide to quit. When this happens, HYD has the right to refuse the refund due to the contract they signed and they know that when a patient quits, they won't get better or get any results, which is worse for them in the long run.

Misleading Statement #4
California Board issue.

The Iowa AG omitted the fact that the patients in the California article were completely refunded. Initially HYD refused to refund them due to the same reasons as above, but decided to refund them to avoid a legal battle and expense, just like above. They also omit the fact that Dr. Hockings has been licensed since 1992 and in all that time has only two fines against him by the board for $500 each, both of which wouldn't have been necessary to pay if he chose to fight the complaints in court.

Misleading Statement #5
"...high pressure sales pitches..."

The presentation Dr. Hockings gives is not high pressure at all. It is a free seminar, consultation the next day and then patients choose if they want to join the HYD program. At no time is high pressure used and patients can choose not to have a consultation or join the program at any time.

Misleading Statement #6
"Resist the high pressure sales pitch to act now, get everything in writing and take all the time you need to check on the product or service that someone is trying to sell you."

No one at HYD seminars are pitched to act now. They get to choose to see Dr. Hockings the next day or do a phone consultation anytime after that. They can join the program the next day after having a consultation or they can wait and call HYD back anytime and get the same price. There is never any pressure to join right away. Everything HYD says is in writing and patients sign contracts to ensure everything is crystal clear between both parties. Suggesting HYD uses high pressure tactics, pitches people to act now, doesn't allow people all the time they need and doesn't give everything in writing is completely false.

The AG's office article has mislead Iowan's by omitting key facts and in the process, damaged the reputation of HYD and Dr. Hockings. The AG's office was given the opportunity to publish an addendum correcting the omissions, but they refused. Dr. Hockings has been helping diabetics since 1991, is a published author, had a documentary done on HYD that aired on Discovery Health Channel, has been interviewed on all the major TV networks, had a full page article on HYD run in USA Today newspaper, has a case study done on the HYD program that proves it actually reverses Type 2 Diabetes, has an abundance of patient testimonials showing how people have been able to reverse their Type 2 Diabetes, has a national medical director, has a medical advisory board and has a celebrity that endorses their program. For more information on HYD and Dr. Hockings people can go to

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