Is Remission Possible for Pancreatic Stage IV Cancer?

2022-09-08 13:30:00 - Newport Beach, California, United States - (PR Distribution™)

Few diseases strike greater fear in patients more than pancreatic cancer – it is one of the most lethal of all human maladies. 

 “Patients often ask if remission is possible for late-stage pancreatic cancer!” says Gregory DiRienzo, CEO of Integrative Cancer Centers of America ( “With our response often a conditional yes, provided the patient can undergo Live Cell Tumor Profiling.”  

“So how does Live Cell Tumor Profiling have the potential to increase treatment outcomes by as high as 200%, when many conventional cancer therapies can’t,” asks DiRienzo.

“First, you must accept that all living cells have a lethal enemy – Superman has kryptonite, Nightwalkers have Dragonglass with most cancers having lethal enemies as well, typically lethal chemo’s,” says DiRienzo, “however, chemo that may kill one patient’s cancer, may not kill another’s -- even with the same diagnosis!”

Here are three examples:

  1. 2012 study of 68 colon cancer patients given “DNA targeted “therapy -- 1 of 68 patients responded favorably (1.5%).
  2. 2015 study of 27 Colon Cancer patients with the “target B-Raf mutation” – 1 of 27 patients responded favorably (4%). 
  3. 2015 study of 229 patients “Gene-Directed “vs. Physicians’ directed - time to progression:   2.3 vs 2.0 months, clearly showing “molecularly targeted agents outside their indications do not improve progression-free survival.”  

Recognizing these inherent weaknesses, Integrative Cancer Centers now offers a 7-day test that can significantly improve survival rates by analyzing that patient’s unique live cancer cells and assessing which drugs as vast as they may be, will illicit the greatest cell death for that patient, even before, during, or after first-line therapy.

“Testing cancer cells against potential drugs offer patients the opportunity to take charge of their cancers and identify those treatments that will most likely work, and; is particularly helpful in treating cancers that have been considered “untreatable,” such as pancreatic, advanced lung, and recurrent breast cancers, “ says DiRienzo, 

With over 12,500 Live Cell Tumor Profiles done to date, the below scans graphically show the favorable outcome this very metastatic cancer patient experienced after undergoing live cell tumor profiling at our affiliate cancer centers in South America in 2013. 

By the way, the patient is still very much alive. 

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