Is your new year’s resolution already on life support? Research shows only 8 percent will succeed. Here’s what you can do.

2019-01-21 12:10:24 - DENVER, COLORADO - (PR Distribution™)

This is the time of the year that new resolutions either thrive or die. Don’t be surprised, because according to research by Inc. Magazine , of the 60 percent of people who make resolutions in a new year, only 8 percent are successful in achieving them.

"This is not a surprise," says Life Strategy Coach Donna Carlson. "Unless there's an emotional or spiritual reason for a goal, it doesn’t have the energy to survive."

Carlson would know. Her signature Life Strategy Design program is based on the integration of a person’s whole modern day. Her own survey on the challenges of professional women shows that 42 percent feel a lack of integration between professional and personal priorities.

"In plain language, women know what’s missing or what’s not working, but find it hard to articulate what it is they actually want,” Carlson explains. “To achieve your best in any category of life you have to bring your whole self to the table.”

Carlson advises four steps to create a goal that thrives:

  1. Anchor purpose to wholistic values.
  2. Gather knowledge around that purpose.
  3. Articulate a clear plan.
  4. Catalyze action with others aligned with that purpose.

“There’s no reason to do this alone,” says Carlson, who organizes mastermind groups for accountability and action. She also has a quiz that serves as a guide for discovering gaps in your plan, available to anyone at

360º Life Strategies provides coaching, workshops and retreats for professionals to increase their effectiveness by developing a whole life strategy to align innate gifts with a specific purpose. Donna Carlson, Life Strategy Coach, is certified by the John Maxwell team, The Center for Creative Leadership and TTI Success Insights. She's also a master yoga instructor. Learn more at

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