Ivacy Partners with IMBA, Creating a Fusion of Gaming & Security.

2021-08-20 12:46:25 - Singapore - (PR Distribution™)

Ivacy VPN, the recipient of the Fastest VPN award and official VPN partner of Westham United Football Club and GamersOrigin, has secured yet another partnership with IMBA, a division of Suga Group. With this partnership, Ivacy aims to assist IMBA in providing online safety and privacy for its players.

IMBA is an indie game developer and covers the better part of SouthEast Asia. The company was previously known as Suga Studio which is a subsidiary of Suga Co, Ltd. They have been in the industry making a name for itself for providing the best gaming experience for its users.

IMBA has a team of expert game designers and developers. The joining of hands by IMBA and Ivacy VPN is a partnership that will revolutionize the cybersecurity and gaming industry as we know.

Ivacy, a veteran in the cybersecurity industry, has made it possible for relatively new entrants to shine on the cybersecurity front on previous occasions as well, and this time it is no different. With this partnership, Ivacy aims to synergize and exchange its strengths to facilitate the gaming community with the safest gaming experience ever.

"We understand the risks involved in today’s cybersecurity landscape and threats aren’t slowing down. Therefore, IMBA has come together with Ivacy to encourage internet users on taking preventive measures by protecting themselves behind a VPN service. That way, sensitive information is unlikely to become compromised," says Alan Martin, Head of Communications at Ivacy VPN.

VPN technologies have been around for the longest time but in recent years, due to imminent cyber threats, they have garnered more traction enabling users to connect securely to the internet. As per Global Market Insight, VPN businesses will increase by up to $54 billion by 2024, which is a $17 billion rise from 2018.

The standard of service can either break or make a service provider. But with Ivacy VPN’s continued excellence as a service provider, now backing IMBA, users will be able to bask in unlimited internet freedom; be it privacy & security, secure downloading, preventing ISP throttling, etc., the user data will remain anonymous.

On a final note, Ivacy VPN welcomes all entities/partnerships that are seeking mutual growth opportunities employing distribution, use of technology, marketing or for promotional sake. The idea is to grow side by side and leverage the ever-growing cybersecurity industry trends. Also, to mobilize our distribution channels for strengthening and expanding our global reach.

About Ivacy:

Ivacy VPN is an industry veteran in premium VPN services that enables you to beat geo-restrictions and censorship, encrypt internet connection and browse anonymously. With the Ivacy VPN premium subscription, you get access to 1000+ servers in more than 100+ locations. Ivacy pioneered the "Split Tunneling" feature in VPNs. Its 4.8/5 consumer trust rating endorsed its reliability in the mind of its consumers.

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