Ivacy VPN Announces PS5 VPN

2020-06-18 13:50:30 - Singapore, Singapore - (PR Distribution™)

Just a day after the PS5 reveal, Ivacy VPN declared it already has a VPN solution for Sony’s next-gen console. 

Sony’s PS5 reveal event was remarkable. The event showcased some fantastic games that are to be released on the next-gen console, and finally, it concluded by showing the PS5 in all its glory. Just a day after the event, Ivacy VPN announced its VPN solution for the PS5 as a part of its gaming VPN initiative. 

Ivacy VPN is no stranger in the industry, and this is not the first instance where they have been ahead of time in delivering a solution. This degree of proactivity has been a part of the VPN brand, which explains why the VPN brand is one of the most popular ones out ther­­e. 

According to Ivacy, by using their PS5 VPN, users will now be able to stay safe, secure and anonymous online. This move by Ivacy is itself a big deal considering rumours that PS5 will be an “always online” console. 

Gamers that are not satisfied being online all the time can altogether detach themselves from the equation by connecting to a VPN server, which in reality will save them from any monitoring from Sony. Moreover, it will also protect them from hacking attempts, if any.

“PS5 VPN is just one of many things we are working on and will continue to work on to give our users the best possible online experience. This year, users can expect a lot more from our VPN brand, and hopefully, it will positively affect their daily routine. allowing them to be more productive or access their favourite content and so on, without having to fear being compromised or hacked ever again.”

Alan Martin – Ivacy 

Ivacy certainly has worked rigorously on its advanced infrastructure and are confident to integrate its VPN solutions with any internet-enabled device which supports integration. Ivacy was at the forefront of delivering PS4 VPN solutions for its users. 

With Ivacy’s advanced VPN gaming console integration, users would be able to unblock region-based games, access global content from within their console and anonymize their presence all at once.

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