Jake Schulman to Change the Legal Industry Amid COVID-19 Crisis

2021-08-20 15:46:25 - UNITED STATES - (PR Distribution™)

A Florida student has revealed his intent on helping to transition the American legal industry into a remote one.

Jake Schulman, aged 23, currently a 2L law student in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, has a vision of changing the industry amid the pandemic and help "increase judicial efficiency" through remote working.

Jake said: "I think lawyers need to learn how to work remotely. The virus has shown many flaws in the legal system, and by working through Zoom and other communication tools, people can obtain legal services. Cases can also be heard faster."

He plans to start a "concierge" law firm similar to concierge medicine. He explained: "Taking fewer clients, but focusing more on individualized plans will have better outcomes. 

"By switching to concierge law, lawyers can worry less about getting new clients because clients would sign up for a monthly subscription."

His entrepreneurial streak has been fostered from an early age when he used to trade in stocks, he also traveled to Europe. While at high school, he acquired over 1 million Instagram followers which he then monetized and created a social media marketing company.

Jake went to college at the University of Miami, and while there for his Bachelor's degree, worked for his family's air freshening business called We Make Scents inc. He grew the company through social media advertising into "scent branding" and "scent marketing".

Having contributed to business growth, he decided to embark on a course in law school, where he has now set his sights on bringing change to the legal profession.

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