Jerome Karam Donates Space: Parenting & Pregnancy Support Center

2022-10-26 19:00:00 - Houston, Texas, United States - (PR Distribution™)

Jerome Karam, the founder of JMK5 Holdings, recently donated event space to the Parenting and Pregnancy Support Center in Galveston county. When the time came to put together a gala, they found the Mainland City Centre a top choice with a centralized, popular location. 

The mall is owned by JMK5 Holdings and has evolved into one of the best event locations in the area.

The gala will focus on honoring Jerome’s wife, Leslie Karam. Jerome Karam will be in charge of underwriting the entire evening. 

Leslie has played a significant role in donating time and money while helping out with the support center throughout the years. Without help from people like Leslie, it would be impossible for a support center for expecting and recent parents to exist in the area.

The Parenting and Pregnancy Support Center has always been very adamant about being there for all types of expecting parents. 

Mothers are sometimes shunned because of their background or what they are planning to do with their children. This can leave a person feeling isolated and alone during a very vulnerable time.

As a support center, they give women options while pregnant. If they need someone to talk to while navigating the different stages of pregnancy, they can get the help they need. There are support groups for mothers that last as long as three years. Some classes are easy to attend, regardless of schedule.

Parents ultimately deciding to have an abortion or give up their child for adoption tend to need the most support. It can be a challenging time to handle, regardless of age. The support center shows no bias or prejudice towards any background when helping.

Leslie Karam played a role in introducing baby bucks as a way to incentivize visitors as well. Every time a parent comes to a class, they receive baby bucks they can use at the baby store. This can help fund some necessities along the way.

The gala utilizes ample space at the Mainland City Centre to bring supporters and donors to the program. Jerome Karam was eager to help out in any way. The event space savings provides additional support.

Visit the Parenting and Pregnancy Support Center Facebook to learn more about the support center. Their schedule is easy to find on their website to get an idea of what events are coming up at the Mainland City Centre. 

More on Jerome Karam

Jerome Karam is the man behind JMK5 Holdings. The real estate redeveloper has worked on several significant projects in the Houston area. 

The Mainland City Centre is one of his most significant projects to date, and retailers have responded well by signing leases and helping bring back a central shopping hub for the area.

Along with the mall, Jerome also has redeveloped historical buildings, commercial real estate, housing development, and more. By focusing on re-development, projects wrap up faster and better match the location's aesthetic.

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