Jerome Karam Friendswood: A Triumphant Property And Real Estate Developer Supporting The Local Districts In Louisiana And Texas

2019-10-16 12:58:32 - United States - (PR Distribution™)

In Texas and Louisiana, the name Jerome Karam Friendswood needs no introduction. He is one of the most prosperous and prominent Real Estate businessmen. However, Jerome did not start his career in property development. He did his undergraduate studies from Louisiana State University. On successful completion, Jerome went on to Texas Southern University and in May 1990, got his Juris Doctor Degree. He had set goals for his education and career, and soon after his degree, he started his attorney services. Instead of joining any law firm, Jerome opened his practice specializing in personal injury litigation. True to his nature of thriving to be the best, he soon got the endorsement from thousands of clients, and in a short span of ten years, became one of the leading private law offices in the jurisdiction. 

Residing in Friendswood, Jerome Karam had his eyes on the property and development sector for long. It started with an interest in the Real Estate market, and soon he found a new passion, that he had been observing for years. Finally, Jerome decided to take a leap from his successful attorney venture and go into the real estate business. He knew the potential in property developments and decided to put his legal career to rest and focus on the property market. It was not any easy decisions but Jerome, went ahead to pursue his passion. He showed incredible resilience in the competitive business and has been one of the prominent developers and real estate investors for over 20 years.

He has a portfolio and investment that reaches millions of dollars. He went into property reconstruction and remodeling and bought several old buildings and properties. His excellent renovation and rebuilding allowed him to sell the assets at a good profit, earning him a fortune! He is a founder of JMK5 Holdings, and he continued to develop twelve further holdings in Louisiana and Texas. 

Karam's achievements have been remarkable. He rightfully got the title of  "Dr. Impossible" by Jim Yarborough, the Mayor of Galveston County. The real estate industry has seldom seen such a commanding and successful business presence.  In a short span of five years, Karam purchased more than a million square feet of property and did rigorous developments over his investments. 

There are many developments to his name. He believes in contributing to his society and provide with them more venues. He built The High Altitude, Texas's Award-Winning World Gym, when he purchased the failing Mall of the Mainland. He transformed the Mall into one of the most reputable gyms in the world. 

There are more projects to his name, including the opulent Plaza Royal Executive suites and The Nation's Biggest Trampoline Park. He is known for his expertise to build aspired and growing multi-use business domains from failing real estate assets like old supermarkets. 

Jerome Karam Friendswood

 is also a patron and supporter of charitable causes in his local community. Aside from his business obligations, he always inclined to help and support others. In Louisiana, Jerome has been an active and significant contributor to many welfare programs. He also supports and attend to the Catholic Community in Galveston County charity programs and drive. He has a keen interest and willingness to contribute to philanthropic projects and is often seen at public-speaking sessions encouraging businesses and people to support charity. Jerome has charitable contributions throughout the area. While he has been the top businessman and success story of his times, he truly connects to his community with social events and philanthropic milestones.

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