Jerome Karam Friendswood, Texas - The Biggest Real Estate Business Authority Focuses On Humanitarian Drives

11/14/2019 20:00 - United States - (PR Distribution™)

In Texas, the real estate business brings us many prominent names; however, Jerome Karam Friendswood Texas is one of the few people who are the top trendsetters and most notable success stories of the region in the real estate business. You will have to witness the impact Jerome made in a short time in Texas in the real estate sector to truly understand why Jerome stands out. However, it was not a career that Jerome was initially looking for as he started as an accident and business litigation lawyer after completing his education in law. 

A legal profession was something Jerome had his eyes set on as a career, and he served ten years in the litigation services. He was always going steps ahead of others to achieve excellence, and his early career as a lawyer also saw him won accolade from his clients and colleagues. He was already famous for his litigation professions before he transitioned as a real estate businessmen. 

Jerome was following the real-estate business for some time and keep close tabs to the development in the industry during his legal career. After ten years of pursuing his legal services, he finally decided to explore his passion for real estate. It was a decision that made him stepped into the real estate world, and twenty years later, today, he is one of the top names when you talk about real estate in Texas. His achievement and impact on the real estate market has been tremendous, and even the Galveston County Mayor Jim Yarborough gave Jerome the title of "Dr. Impossible."

A Business Tycoon

Indeed Jerome fits the description of a real estate tycoon. His investment in the Gulf Coast alone stood at millions of dollars. His firm, with the name of JMK5 Holdings, began its work in 2000, and he secured massive investments in Louisiana and Texas. He was not only a successful investor but his real estate ventures branch out to other projects, including the refurbishment and restoration of old buildings and structures for new use. As a local in Louisiana, Jerome understands the market demands of his region. He took hold of some of the oldest and run-down buildings and turned them into the highest-grossing profitable sells, the like of which no other real estate business has ever achieved. True to his title, "Mr. Impossible," Jerome took his business to great heights through ventures no one else dared to invest in by buying the old assets. 

His Passion for Helping Others

Much like he loved to succeed in his business ventures, he also wanted to set new examples by fully supporting charities that help his fellow people. With expertise in real estate, he also wanted to build facilities for his people, and provide support to all philanthropic projects. He is also one of the main contributors to the  Catholic Community in Galveston. In Texas and Louisiana, he is a regular at events promoting and collecting funds for charities. With a man of his stature and reputation stepping forward for donation drives, many other prominent people in business are getting the inspiration to contribute as well. 

Jerome Karam Friendswood is behind some of the public gyms and fitness centers that he contributed for the benefit of people. He is also one of the top contributors to the  Galveston Historical Society.

He proves that it is equally possible to succeed in business yet be humble and devoted to the quest to help others and play your part in supporting charities and humanitarian drives.

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