Joe Laforte Of Par Funding Announces New Real Estate Funding Product for Rehabbers and Developers

05/16/2019 08:00 - USA - (PR Distribution™)
Joseph Laforte announces Par Funding’s exciting new product aimed at Rehabbers and Developers under its real estate funding umbrella. More information is available at www.parfunding.com/.

Short-term capital provider, Par Funding, has recently announced that the company will now be offering a funding product for real estate developers and rehabbers. This exciting new product created by Joseph laforte and his team at Par Funding is aimed at helping rehabbers and developers get access to reliable capital that they can use to remodel and rehab homes or flip them for a profit. By financing individuals with immediate capital up to 100% LTV of the purchase price, Par Funding hopes to help flourish their business and foster great partnerships in real estate.

“We are excited to announce our new short-term capital product for real estate,” states Joseph Laforte, Sales Leader of Par Funding. “This product is designed keeping in mind the exact needs of real estate investors and gives them the opportunity to capitalize on deals with strong returns even if they have limited capital and liquidity.”

For Rehabbers & Developers

Par Funding’s new real estate financing product is a great choice for real estate developers and rehabbers. It allows investors with limited capital to make the most of promising deals by providing them with fast and easy financing options. Par Funding will work with the buyer and issue funding for the full purchase price of the property to be purchased and will collateralize the loan by securing title to the property. The company will also finance the cost of renovation or developing  the property, so as to help investors with their liquidity as well.

At the time of sale, developers and rehabbers will keep the profit they have made and return the initial investment to Par Funding. The title, which is initially held by Par Funding, will be returned at the time the property is sold to the end customer or is refinanced. With continuous support from Par Funding, real estate investors can work on their desired property with confidence and peace of mind. 

About Par Funding

Par Funding is a leading provider of short-term capital to businesses in need and is known for quick turnaround time and exceptional customer service. The company was built on the foundation of helping small businesses gain access to funding solutions necessary for day-to-day operations and growth. The company offers honest and transparent financial options through an exceptional customer support platform. Joseph laforte leads the sales team at  par Funding, Joe is a noted expert on short-term financing, SMB cash flow and consulting throughout the United States. More information about the company can be found on https://www.parfunding.com/.

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