Judgment Entered Against Detroit Cabinet Manufacturing in Case about Fraud, Civil Extortion, Breach-of-Contract

2021-07-01 18:30:08 - Alexandria, Virginia - (PR Distribution™)

Judge Ronald Giles of 36th District Court has entered Judgment against Detroit Cabinet Manufacturing LLC.  Detroit Cabinet Manufacturing was sued for Civil Extortion, Fraudulent Misrepresentation, and Breach of Contract. On June 11th 2021, after a year in court, the gavel came down and Judge Giles entered a full adjudication on the merits against Detroit Cabinet Manufacturing.  

As a background, Detroit Cabinet Manufacturing is owned and managed by Terry Davis, a felon, who personally had his builders license revoked in 2000 and pled guilty to Felony False Pretenses in 2009. According to 3rd Circuit court records, Terry Davis owes roughly $120,000 in restitution to his victims and has managed to pay less than $500 in the last decade towards that Judgment.  

Regarding the recently completed case, the Plaintiff said in an interview: “I am happy to see justice being served. It was surprising to learn that Judge Giles has also recently been a customer of DCM, as disclosed in court, but I do not see this outcome as biased. Rather, I see this Judgment award against DCM as an outcome of a hard-fought prosecution.”  

When asked if he would ever use Detroit Cabinet Manufacturing again, he said: “I will never do business with DCM again, their attorney actually argued in court ‘the fact that the [plaintiff] received cabinets at all is a miracle …’. I tend to appreciate more certainty than that when I spend my cash.”

As of publication, the Better Business Bureau gives Detroit Cabinet Manufacturing a rating of 1-star of 5, with all visible complaints against the company going unanswered. BBB clearly states on its Detroit Cabinet Manufacturing Business Profile: “THIS BUSINESS IS NOT BBB ACCREDITED”.

Also, it has come to the attention of the author that Terry Davis and DCM are being sued again in front of Judge Giles (case #21150204). This time for over 4x as much money.  To date the newest Plaintiff, Mohawk Factoring Inc, has found it difficult to track Terry Davis down … so, if you see felon Terry Anthony Davis in Metro Detroit please tell him he is being sued by Mohawk.  

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