KAMBO expands its reach with two native apps

2021-08-20 15:46:25 - LONDON - (PR Distribution™)

Users can now leverage their cryptocurrencies to access cash loans within a few simple taps on their smartphones.

KAMBO is expanding beyond desktops to become accessible on our most coveted devices, our smartphones. With the introduction of two native apps, KAMBO’s lending platform will become one of the most flexible and diverse of its kind. 

The KAMBO app is now available on iOS and Android, making it the first crypto-lending platform to have an app in the App store. As leaders in the category, KAMBO is innovating the industry to make accessing crypto-backed loans a possibility from your hand-held device. This will pave the future for crypto investors who want to integrate their assets into their everyday lives, giving them enhanced tools and the flexibility to use crypto as collateral from wherever they are. Users can expect to enjoy a sleek experience that is not only seamless, but secured with two factor authentication. 


Perhaps you’re wondering, why an app specifically? At the core of all that KAMBO does, is creating a fair marketplace that bridges the traditional finance and crypto worlds. KAMBO knows most users want the basic ability to check the price of their crypto and the value of their portfolio as often as they please. Traditionally when crypto assets are deposited to a lender, like KAMBO, users can't do this effectively. However now with a native app, users can view the value of their crypto, manage their loans, take out more money if the value changes, and repay or terminate loans at will and on the go. On the current market, there is no other lender that offers or has been able to develop these tools.

Aside from the fact that KAMBO is the only app that provides crypto-backed loans for immediate cash, there are a whole host of other reasons to use the platform. KAMBO loans have a multitude of use cases, whether it’s long-term crypto investors looking to diversify their portfolio and put idle assets to use, speculators leveraging their position, short-term investors looking to minimize their capital gains tax, or startups with ICOs looking for fiat currencies for their operational expenses. 

Suffice to say, the uses are endless, and now users have the freedom and flexibility to leverage their crypto from wherever they are. One tool at a time, KAMBO plans to build a system that allows for cryptocurrencies to become more commonplace. They will use technology to forge a future that equips crypto owners with the necessary resources to not only us their assets, but use them to thrive as well. This is only the beginning.

Download KAMBO app on iOS and Android right now, right here.

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