Karma Snack Chief Executive Officer Eric N. Rosado Addresses Healthcare Services Investment Conference on Digital Marketing Strategy

2022-09-07 19:00:00 - Miami Beach, Florida, United States - (PR Distribution™)

Gathering of MSOs, Investors, Physicians, Technology Partners, and Other Healthcare Investment Strategists Met to Advance Discussion About Growth Strategies in the Healthcare Sector; Presentation Now Available

Eric N. Rosado, Chief Executive Officer of Karma Snack, a Miami Beach, Florida digital marketing firm since 2005, today announced availability of a presentation he recently delivered to the Healthcare Services Investment Conference in late August at the Westchester (NY) Country Club. 

Rosado, a serial entrepreneur and founder of Karma Snack, presented on the topic of Best Practices for Marketing and Investing in Web-based Patient Acquisition Channels

His afternoon presentation to several hundred executives in the healthcare services, cybersecurity, finance, and health investments fields focused on best practice in how to reach potential patients online; what’s new in local search marketing; the value of mobile marketing; and, how to measure campaign investment and success. 

“The more I present to executives, the more I understand the need for authenticity, truth and transparency in digital marketing,” said Eric N. Rosado, Chief Executive Officer for Karma Snack, Miami Beach, Florida. “Like anything online, mass confusion permeates. When I have the opportunity, I set the record straight about digital marketing strategy, campaign tracking, and measurable KPIs. We are grateful for the opportunity to have done exactly that at the Healthcare Services Investment Conference.” 

As the healthcare market continues to evolve with more permanent adjustments due to the COVID-19 pandemic, health leaders seek to advance delivery-of-care models while identifying new investment opportunities. Health finance investors and physicians look toward telehealth, value-based care, outpatient services, as well as in-home services to meet patient demands for convenience, quality and a revision to pricing strategies for healthcare services. 

“The digital marketing presentation by Eric Rosado to our audience at the Healthcare Services Investment Conference was high-energy and full of useful takeaways for anyone interested in growing their respective businesses,” said Joseph Brusseler, Event Manager with DealFlow Events. “It is always a pleasure to have thought leading professionals such as Eric participate at our events." 

Rosado’s presentation showcased integral aspects of digital marketing surrounding patient acquisition strategies and how business owners, health investors, and doctors can drive more growth in the physician practice marketplace.

For a digital copy of Rosado’s presentation or to learn more about how Karma Snack aligns with companies and organizations as a digital marketing partner to grow physician practices and other organizations, contact 844-623-2299 or visit the website at https://karmasnack.com.

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Karma Snack, based in Miami Beach, Florida, is a full-service digital marketing agency with a highly focused revenue growth program. It uses digital communication technologies to increase traffic and conversions. Key advantages include the ability to test multiple sales offers simultaneously, measuring results in real time, optimizing program performances, and utilizing statistical analysis to determine the exact ROI for each application or offer. Accountability for revenue generation is first-rate, and digital management skills provide the foundation for success. 

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