Koble launches the Koble 2.0 web app for B2B Business Discovery

2019-05-28 16:17:10 - United States, Massachusetts, Boston - (PR Distribution™)

Finding and comparing companies to do business with just got easier with the Koble 2.0 web app

Koble, a business-to-business discovery platform, announced today the launch of its web app for Koble 2.0.  The web app brings the ability to search for over 11 million companies in 30 categories, to an SMB or corporate buyer’s desktop. Backed by an AI-driven engine, the web app also delivers search recommendations of companies which are closest to the user’s location.

The Koble web app features  SEO-optimized Koble Pages, which are described as something “smaller than a website and larger than a listing” of companies, and allows for businesses to gain unrivalled visibility online. Koble Pages are being offered free for companies to claim, enabling businesses to own a company page which is optimized for search engines. With nearly half of U.S. small businesses without a website, owning a Koble page makes a website accessible to every SMB, without having any technical know-how.

Eight key categories have been selected to be optimized in time with the launch and this will progressively lead to traffic being driven towards companies who operate within those categories. Initial studies and tests by the company have proven that a company on the Koble platform is up to five times more likely to be found in a search.

“We are excited about the results as it proves that we have chosen the correct path to bringing visibility to millions of businesses worldwide.” said Fabrice Saporito, Founder and CEO of Koble. “We have always believed that Koble is in a unique position to be the platform of choice amongst SMBs and large corporations alike in their search for clients or suppliers. The aggregated reviews and ratings on Koble empowers users to find, compare and chat with potential business partners.”

Koble has been driving B2B engagements from its inception in 2015, and the company has taken massive strides towards improving the product by revamping it to Koble 2.0 earlier this year, starting with the mobile application. With Koble 2.0, the focus shifted towards a publicly accessible platform and a mission to drive traffic to companies on that platform. Koble has a team of data experts who have built an AI which constantly and continuously learns how users search for companies, and delivers the best search results on the platform for visitors.

The Koble Chat feature, which allows page visitors to start anonymous conversations with business prospects, will be rolled out in a later release this year. Currently, this feature, which also shows real-time activity updates such as profile views, is available on the mobile application. The Koble mobile app is free to download on the  iTunes App Store and the Google Play Store.

Koble has already garnered a string of users ranging from SMB owners to Fortune 500 companies like Oracle, IBM and AXA which use Koble to search for suppliers worldwide. Koble also has an extensive list of companies in Asia already on the platform, numbering in excess of 300,000. This number is expected to grow in tandem with the growth of traffic to Koble pages from SEO efforts.

About Koble

Koble is a B2B business discovery platform which is changing the way companies uncover business opportunities and connect. The information-rich Koble company pages provide enterprise buyers with a worldwide directory of suppliers ready to do business. Innovative AI technology encourages instant conversations with potential buyers and suppliers while providing insights and alerts on profile matches and pageviews. The Koble platform is dedicated to helping small and medium enterprises own a high traffic, prime digital asset at no cost. Founded in 2015, Koble is proud to already have companies from more than 40 countries on board.

For more information, visitwww.koble.com

The Koble portfolio includes Koble Pages and Koble Chat.

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