Leading Manufacturer of Disposable Protective Clothing Offers New Marketing Tools

2021-08-20 12:46:25 - United States, Texas, Mesquite - (PR Distribution™)

Digital Content from International Enviroguard to Enhance Distributors’ Ability to Sell Online 


An innovative designer and manufacturer of disposable protective clothing and surface protection, International Enviroguard has published new digital product content for distributors and resellers to use in the marketing of its products. The product content is designed to better educate end-users on the features and benefits of such products as disposable protective clothing, chemical suits, cleanroom apparel, tacky mats and protective carpet film.

Distributors and end-users will discover updates to existing images and completely new images that will better showcase the company’s items, as well as infopics. Infopics pair pictures with text to instantly communicate a message. The new infopics feature clean images that highlight features and benefits of International Enviroguard’s respective disposable protective products and can quickly be integrated into the websites, social media pages, other e-marketing channels and print catalogs presented by distributors.

“First impressions are important when selling online,” explains Aric Asplund, president of International Enviroguard. “We decided to improve and upgrade our digital content to help our distributor partners create a positive visual online presence related to our products.”

The infopics help distributors clearly communicate the unique features and benefits of International Enviroguard products to distinguish them from competitors and highlight the critical differences among International Enviroguard’s similar products. By identifying the key differentiating features, customers will be able to easily determine the merits of International Enviroguard’s products before engaging a salesperson.

“The pictures are simple, but simple is what’s effective,” Asplund adds. “An infopic presents a brief description and a simple image in order for a buyer to make a more informed purchase decision.”

The newly developed, product-specific marketing content is available for immediate use by all distributors of International Enviroguard products. For more information on International Enviroguard’s new product content, including the images and infopics, visit int-enviroguard.com or contact 1-800-345-5972.


About the company:

International Enviroguard is a leading manufacturer of disposable protective apparel, including chemical suits, healthcare protective wear, cleanroom apparel, surface protection and an assortment of other personal protective equipment for many industries. 

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