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  ORLANDO, FL - 12/03/2018 (PRDistribution.com)

NYU professor of new media Clay Shirky famously quipped “TV is dead” in the title to a 2014 piece penned for POLITICO Magazine. Dr. Shirky was commenting on the way political campaigning and voter mobilization strategies were being affected by audience fragmentation and the decline of television viewing in the face of Internet-powered media. Pundits were quick to pick up on the remark and extend Shirky’s point to conclude that television advertising, in general, was an endangered media species.

Those who read further than the headline of Shirky’s article are treated to a discussion of the shrinking mass audience for television and the efforts of political campaign strategists to compensate for the loss of advertising effectiveness. These efforts include using social media to compensate for the deterioration of the ideal, monolithic TV news viewing audience. Social media not only has the capability to reach the niches of a widely varied audience, it can also be leveraged to engage brand enthusiasts who will pass information on to others and even produce their own media in support of their favorite brands.

As we now know, television is not only still alive and well, it has evolved. And those with interests in branding, marketing, and sales would do well to note the direction that evolution has taken. Television has moved onto the Internet and hybridized with social media. For many people, TV is now simply another component in their social media network. It is a source of interactive content meant to be consumed and shared.

So what does this all mean for those of us whose passion lies in helping people get into the homes they dream of? It’s simple really – home buyers and the real estate agents and other professionals who work with them can easily take advantage of and greatly benefit from the new media landscape. There has never been a time when it was so easy to achieve massive audience reach with minimal effort and at low or no cost.

That’s why, as Vice President of Operations & Finance at The Closing Agent, I am excited about our new partnership with Real Estate Showcase TV Cleveland. With the help of Brenda Love and her team at Brenmor Multi-Media, we are continuing The Closing Agent’s 25-year history of innovation by launching Orlando RESTV, a 30-minute show aired at 12:30 PM every Saturday on WRDQ-TV27.  

“We are always looking to add value to our Central Florida Real Estate Community by offering innovative solutions that produce measurable results.” Darryll L. Clark

Orlando Real Estate Showcase TV is a real estate and lifestyle show featuring dozens of Central Florida homes for sale and spotlighting the agents who keep Florida moving. The show also includes informative segments on neighborhoods and lifestyles. Sponsors of Orlando RESTV are chosen from among local professionals who have established reputations for putting customers first when it comes to building, buying, selling, or remodeling homes.

The Closing Agent, our mission is to go “Beyond Title®” to create a better closing experience. Our competitive rates, flexible services, state-of-the-art 24/7 secure online communication platform, and dedication to innovative customer service have been easing homeowners through the final and most important steps in the real estate closing process since 2003.

Now, with Orlando RESTV, we are able to highlight our Central Florida real estate market while at the same time offering local realtors the opportunity to greatly expand their marketing reach and supporting select local businesses chosen for their dedication to superior service.

“In the new media landscape, where TV production works together with YouTube, website streams, and social media posts and shares, the potential for outreach and engagement is basically unlimited.” Darryll L. Clark

Thanks to our sponsors, realtors can have their listings featured on Orlando RESTV at no cost. Simply call or fill in the online form to submit a listing on a first come, first served basis. Submissions are featured without preference according to availability. This is an excellent opportunity for realtors to stand out from the crowd and reach a huge audience.

Brenda Love’s original Cleveland, Ohio Real Estate Showcase TV Lifestyles debuted in 2001 and now reaches 72,000 viewers per week. With the beautiful homes and lovely natural settings available in Central Florida, Orlando RESTV is sure to be every bit as successful.

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