LGBTQ.ONE Launches a daring and dynamic new site, featuring a bold twist on the Social Network, Dating and Media Platform!

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  TEMPE, AZ - 10/01/2018 (

LGBTQ.ONE Announces the launch of a Unique new web site that is fully loaded with excitement, adventure and up to $100,000 in possible cash and prizes awarded annually. A bold new style of gathering place for those of similar interests. Unlike anything seen before, LGBTQ.ONE combines Social networking, dating, shopping, classifieds, movies, events, some great giveaways, cash and prizes and even the “Chance of Romance”. Follow your heart to a place where everyone is welcome to come in, explore and come out a winner. Join old friends and meet new ones today at LGBTQ.ONE.


Q   So, what’s “NEW” about LGBTQ? And WHAT is this “DOT ONE” thing? 

A   The truth is, just about everything about LGBTQ.ONE IS new, starting with the DOT ONE. Most folks are going to recognize the LGBTQ, as a diverse global community, open to all, emerging in the 70’s and pretty much has achieved global, universal recognition and significance today. The ONE side, however, holds A BIT more History and a LOT more Mystery. The ONE movement was the very first official public LG entity in the United States and was organized in San Francisco, way back in 1952. Still a powerful force today in the community, fewer people know about the power of ONE.

Q   How did you get the “DOT ONE” URL, I have never seen that extension before, is it special

A   We like to think so, I guess you could say we were in the right place at the right time. We knew what our mission was, and we were researching the site names available at the time. None of them seemed to convey EXACTLY what we were all about, what our statement was. We discovered that in 2016, the United States Government released an extension never seen by the public, DOT ONE. We knew immediately, LGBTQ.ONE, says and is who we are!

Q   The “DOT” is a “Green Carnation” Tell us what is going on there? 

A   It is a wink and a tip of the hat to our friend Oscar Wilde. Taking us all the way back to 1894, and the novel “The Green Carnation”. The short answer is that it’s a symbol of Oscar himself. In 1892, Wilde had one of the actors in Lady Windermere’s Fan wear a green carnation on opening night and told a dozen of his young followers to wear them too. Soon the carnation became an emblem of Wilde and his group, an amusing parody of Wilde was published in 1894 called The Green Carnation and caused quite a stir.

Q   Is there a fee to enter, meet up, chat or to participate in the contests, do you need a debit/credit card? 

A   Absolutely Not! NO CARD is ever required, to enter or to join our basic service. Participation is completely FREE! Stop in and look around any time. There is NEVER any requirement to buy anything. We do ask that if you want to interact with the site (upload files, rate, comment etc.) that you simply register, there is NO cost, but we do verify an email address just to prevent spamming. There are upgrades to the FREE basic membership available as well. Upgraded memberships include additional credits (may be virtual hearts, roses or coins) which can be used to, as an example, send gifts, enhance one’s profile or make purchases from the LGBTQ.ONE Store

Q   The site claims it features “Events, and Contests, with winners receiving cash and/or prizes”. Can you give me an example of how, if I visit LGBTQ.ONE, I may actually win anything? Is it like a lottery or Bingo?

A   It is NOTHING like either a lottery or bingo. There are no “Luck” or “Chance” events or contests, that offer any prizes, on the site. ALL prizes awarded by LGBTQ.ONE to our friends and guests are earned and are the result of performance and/or skill. One example is the Photo/Video/Poetry Contests. There are contests run in various categories that allow guests to submit Photos, Videos, Poetry etc. These entries are voted on by others visiting the site and at the end of the contest period, the entry with the most votes receives a prize. Depending on the event and the category there may be first through 5th or 6th Place Prizes awarded. These may consist of LGBTQ.ONE promotional gift items, like Hats, Shirts, Mugs, Tattoos or Stickers. Depending on the size and scope of the event there may also be Credits Awarded which can be used for purchases at the onsite LGBTQ.ONE Store. LGBTQ.ONE is a totally new experience, combining social network, gathering place, meeting and dating site, and lots of information, contests and events to keep it interesting, LGBTQ.ONE IS UNIQUE! Stop in and check us out. Catch up with old friends, meet new ones. Communicate, elaborate, investigate, have fun and exchange ideas. 

You are always welcome here at LGBTQ.ONE END

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