LineShake, The New Meal Replacement Shake That Helps Attain Higher Energy Levels and Lose Weight

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  SAO PAULO, BRAZIL - 04/03/2018

Abstract: People with a slower metabolism often have issues with weight regulation, even when they eat in smaller quantities than regular. This happens as the body absorbs fats differently when compared to people with fast metabolism. One solution consists in replacing regular meals with a special shake designed for weight loss, LineShake.

Basic anatomy has taught us that there are 3 body types in the world; ectomorph, endomorph and mesomorph. While ectomorphs rejoice from a fast metabolism and can eat basically anything without storing fat, others have certain issues in this regard. Mesomorphs tend to achieve muscle with ease, yet they too have problems with fat storage unless the diet is strictly planned and followed. An endomorph, which is a very common body type nowadays, tends to store fat very easily unless strict diet and sport regimen is followed.

According to a research of HealthAndStyle, over 40% of the world’s population needs to follow a constant diet and sport regimen in order to achieve the desired body. However, due to the soliciting work life, few people can truly afford to eat healthy and practice sports all the time. There are also people who hate the notion of diet and prefer to try out all of the foods. Such people can resort to two solutions in order to achieve a healthy body; surgical solution or meal replacement shakes. While the first solution is costly and implies some risks, the second solution is affordable and can be followed by most people regardless of current lifestyle.

LineShake represents a new meal replacement shake developed by Necessitae, a reputable company based in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The LineShake solution is rapidly growing in popularity all around the world as people notice the benefits of such meal replacement. The shake contains all the necessary vitamins, fiber, protein and minerals that human body needs, all while keeping the amount of fat to a minimum. This way, customers are able to rejoice from high energy levels and satiety, which ultimately lead to healthy weight loss.

Necessitae recommends one LineShake per day, which takes under 3 minutes to prepare, hence making it ideal for a lifestyle on the run and for people who don’t want to spend a lot of their time preparing a meal. It can be served at any time of the day, although customers are advised to take it in the morning for maximum efficiency.

Main benefits of LineShake include:

  • Optimum balance of protein, fiber and minerals

  • Facilitates burning of fat

  • Guaranteed satiety feeling

  • Gives more energy to the body

  • Nourishes and takes care of body digestion even at night

LineShake can be ordered easily and securely from the official website, . It’s available in different quantities, with the most affordable package containing 12x servings and retailing for only 19,78RS. Discounts are applied for bigger orders.

About Necessitae

Necessitae is a Brazilian company dedicated to nutrition, wellness and weight loss. They own different slimming and detoxification products, which are safe, based on natural ingredients, and thoroughly tested for optimum results. LineShake is the newest product of the company, which currently rejoices from success in Brazil.

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