Lisa Ledson Takes Over the Streets of Art Basel Miami with the Drop of Her Second NFT Collection

2021-11-24 19:14:48 - Miami, FL, United States - (PR Distribution™)

After the first-of-its-kind NFT Art Fair in New York, Ledson joins Cube Art Fair to transform the streets of Miami into a living canvas for NFTs at an unprecedented scale.    

Lisa Ledson, a self taught abstract painter in Napa Valley California, joins forces for the second time this year with Cube Art Fair.  Her first campaign with Cube Art Fair, May 2021 in Times Square, brought the emerging artist into world view alongside other veterans of the industry.  This time Cube Art Fair, the world's largest public art fair, brings its NFT Art Fair to the streets of Miami on December 1-5 2021, offering a physical art viewing experience of NFT-only works to 5 million visitors.  Cube Art Fair has managed to pivot its in-person art fair to a one-of-a-kind NFT viewing experience throughout the streets of major art cities such as New York City, Miami, and Brussels. With its expansive reach as the World’s Largest Public Art Fair, showcasing artworks from established and emerging artists from around the world, Cube Art Fair aims to make NFT art more accessible to the public. 


Remaining true to its reach as the World’s Largest Public Art Fair, Cube Art Fair is once again making a strong visual impact during Miami Art Basel Week. In an unprecedented scale, Lisa Ledson's NFT's will be featured in the streets of Miami on 50 billboards in the Design District, Wynwood and Downtown Miami. The centerpiece of the fair is a mural projection on the 400 feet tall Intercontinental Hotel where Ledson's Silver Linings No. 2 NFT, a painting that got her named a top emerging artist in North America in major juried art competitions, will be mapped on the side of the building. In addition, all the screens located in the Miami Opa-Locka airport will be dedicated to Cube Art Fair‘s NFTs, in collaboration with the jet charter company Empressjet. Cube Art Fair program is designed to provide the public with greater accessibility to NFT artwork. 


You can expect to see the drop of Ledson's second NFT collection on on November 29th - in conjunction with the release of The Financial Times documentary which showcases the artist alongside other noteworthy leaders in the space.  One of Ledson's objectives is to help encourage a stronger female artist representation in the NFT space.  She will be celebrating her fifth year as an artist participating for the first time in Art Basel Miami this year and feels this is only the “warm up” for her.  She looks to expand to European markets next year and add a second solo show to her ongoing list of projects.  



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