Local Bar patron to collect his $3,000 winnings today while playing free BINGO!

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  CRESTWOOD, IL - 02/13/2019 (PRDistribution.com)

Nate Ramsey was playing free bingo as he and his friends normally do on a Thursday evening. This event is hosted at Brickyard Grill & Pub 3136 W. Iles Ave. Springfield. The last game of the night is a cover-all pattern and when the 52nd number was called, Nate realized that he was the first Springfield area jackpot winner. The progressive jackpot had already been hit this week, Monday night in Hickory Hills Illinois. That winner will receive a check next week for $6,000.Since the jackpot re-sets every time it is won, Nate’s check will be for three thousand dollars. A presentation party will be held at Brickyard on Thursday February 14th at 8:00pm. Nate will claim his prize and all who attend will be playing for special upgraded prizes.

Recently FreeN’Fun Bar Bingo announced its new promotion for 2019 and it is the biggest thing to ever happen to the bar/restaurant entertainment industry.

Bar Bingo, Inc. has partnered with Oak Lawn Toyota to conduct the biggest promotion in bar entertainment history. FreeN’Fun’s 4-Tire Sweepstakes will award four 2019 Toyota Corollas and eight pre-owned automobiles this year. A drawing will be conducted each month and automobiles will be awarded. Every third month will feature a new car. Entries are acquired by winning game 4 at each of our weekly, 300+ BINGO locations. 

FreeN'Fun Bar BINGO based in Crestwood, IL, is the largest company in the world conducting a new form of BINGO, currently hosting over 300 live weekly BINGO events in Indiana, Wisconsin, Florida and Illinois. 

This form of BINGO is absolutely free for the customer to play.  Since the player does not risk any of their own money, FreeN' Fun Bar BINGO is not considered gambling. Our locations share a progressive jackpot that increases by $1,000 per week, averaging a seven or eight thousand dollar jackpot every 6-8 weeks. We have awarded jackpots as large as $10,000.FreeN’Fun Bar Bingo awarded 13 jackpots in 2018 totaling $82,000.

We partner up with businesses to obtain exciting prizes, in exchange for free promotion. By sponsoring games we introduce partner businesses to our customers. Some of our current Chicago area partners include; The Chicago White Sox, the Blue Man Group, Zanies Comedy Clubs, Arlington Park Racetrack, as well as downtown theater productions and tours.

Please contact me with any questions.

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Ron Larson

CEO/ Founder

FreeN'Fun Bar Bingo

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