Local Doctor Creates an Online School to help Colleagues Run Staffless After learning how to do things the hard way, Dr. Jodi Dinnerrman offers her lessons learned to her colleagues in an online school.

2022-03-12 20:00:00 - Clinton, NJ - (PR Distribution™)

Clinton, NJ: Dr. Dinnerman has set a ball in motion that is not slowing down anytime soon. Her company, Staffless Practice, offers the systems necessary to run a wellness practice, without  staff. SEWP School (Staffless Entrepreneurial Wellness Practitioners) is an online finishing  school for wellness practitioners, looking for plug-and-play systems and solutions to  succeeding in practice, with little to no staff. 


Dr. Dinnerman has also self-published Staffless - front desk solutions for wellness practitioners,  which serves as an abbreviated version of the school. SEWP School is an interactive, video based, self-paced training program, with professionally set and eloquently crafted downloads,  exciting group experiences, exclusive live trainings, and one-on-one support. 


“I am an expert mistake maker, and solution creator - and I am excited to share my systems for  staffless success with my fellow practitioners,” says Dr. Jodi Dinnerman, founder of Staffless  Practice. “SEWP School is comprised of The Staffless Practice Success System - providing  practitioners tools to serve more, earn more, and work less.”  


Features and benefits of SEWP School: 


  • Self-paced, relevant, copy-paste online curriculum
  • Content focused on solutions for marketing, organization, client experience, and more
  • Participation with a growing community of practitioners from all over the world sharing ideas, valuable suggestions, experiences, etc.


About Staffless Practice: We serve wellness practitioners looking to earn more, serve more, and work less with no staff, or staff who only does what they are really good at doing, where  and when it best serves your practice.  

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