Looking Through a Lens During Pandemic: Jiayi Liang’s Photography Captures the Truth of Nature

2021-08-20 12:46:25 - United States, New York, New York

Jiayi Liang’s photography skills go beyond what is viewed through the camera lens. With numerous exhibitions under her belt in cities that harbor talents from all over the world such as New York City and Los Angeles, Liang showcases photography skills capturing more than designer dresses and high fashion.

She captures the natural truth of what lies in front of the camera lens.

“The Core of the Fashion Spirit is Eternal – to Pursue Beauty”

Liang’s filmmaking experience has furthered her exceptional ability to capture deep, natural emotions through the camera lens. This talent transfers flawlessly from one medium to the next and is very apparent in her work – whether it be for the fashion industry, in landscape photography, or storytelling.

“Fashion is not about clothes or the design itself – it is about the meaning behind it,” says Liang. “It is really fascinating to see how the designer connects their talents with the understanding of the world and society around them.”

Although Liang’s appearances at New York Fashion Week and Bridal Fashion Week were huge successes, she sees beyond the fabrics and designs. She is able to capture the message and emotions the designer sewed into the clothing; she is able to obtain the natural beauty the model held. 

This is an exquisite talent. 

“Fashion style is always changing, but in my opinion, the core of the fashion spirit is eternal – the pursuit of beauty. Fashion goes back and forth, but people always remember the classic beauty,” explains Liang of her ability to capture natural emotions. “Beauty is diverse. I believe it is the same for photography as well.”

Liang Looks Forward to Post-Pandemic Events: “As a Visual Artist, it is Really Exciting.”

With the Coronavirus touching the lives of all, the photography and fashion industry has also been dramatically impacted. Though many may see these changes as negative, Liang keeps a positive mindset when looking at future exhibitions and experiences. 

“I am definitely looking forward to new shows after the pandemic. I think the trend will most likely focus on protecting nature and the world,” says Liang of post-pandemic opportunities. “It may be controversial, but I think that the most valuable work is controversial.”

Liang’s photography thrives on the energy nature emits – whether that be human nature of the physical nature of the world. Liang’s gift of hooking her audience with natural emotion is a beneficial skill to have during this time of uncertainty. By capturing the current state of change in an organic way, the world can come together through the art of understanding. 

The world may even come together through new virtual experiences as well.

“Designers and brands have started live streaming videos to share their ideas online. People will use these videos and photos more often in the near future,” Liang says. “I think it is our future. We will have more opportunities to work on projects using different methods. This pandemic did affect everyone. It will change our work style and lifestyle completely.”

This pandemic did, indeed, impact everyone. With the positive mindset Liang has and the backpack of skills she carries on her back, it would not be a surprise if she changes the way the world sees photography.

Born in Dalian, China and growing up with a music background, Liang started her venture into film and photography after attending the New York Film Academy. The young talent is residing currently in New York and living her dream life as a visual artist. www.jiayi-liang.com 

Picture:  Cypress Tree Tunnel by Jiayi Liang

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