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2021-11-02 20:30:00 - Miami, Florida, United States

Actor, singer and music producer Luigui Bleand is riding high on life with recent successes and is now in talks for Netflix documentary about the life story of the Haitian-born star.

Bleand is currently working on several projects such as Gomelo, La Movie, Cuando Te Vea and an audiovisual recording titled "Te Freno" He also has an already recorded album featuring different national and international artists, featuring singles such as the soon-to-be-released "La Weed.” A proposed tour of the United States is also in the works.

In his latest exciting news, Bleand has received a proposal to negotiate with Netflix on a documentary about the person behind the artist, a life nobody knows about.

Born in Haiti and raised in Hispaniola, Dominican Republic, Luis Alfredo Silverio, now better known as Luigui Bleand, had a precarious childhood. At eight years of age, he entered an orphanage where he spent most of his childhood and adolescence. At 16, he left the orphanage and without a place to live, he took to the streets to shine shoes.  


These events did not stop him from achieving his dreams and becoming who he is today. From a very young age, he has had a great attraction and passion for music, and it has been his driving force.


At 13, he started working musically in Puerto Plata, polishing his dreams from small private studios. Then he started recording with the most renowned Bride of the Atlantic singers in a small recording studio he had already set up until he decided to move to Santo Domingo to work in studios where he wrote, produced and recorded his own songs. 


Later, he met Reynaldo Sanchez, owner of a recording studio, who taught him how to mix live music, record instruments, and use all the music equipment. During this period, at 19, he was working in a newspaper in sales and marketing, which allowed him to expand his knowledge in the digital music business. 


For two and a half years, he dedicated himself to studying the industry through the internet. When he felt ready, he contacted a company owned by Sony Music Entertainment and signed a five-year contract to market music, something at that time no one was doing in the country. 


From there, most Dominican artists began to trust his work. At that time, he received another proposal from Sony, which secured him a 15-year contract to distribute recordings. Projects such as Los Teke Teke, Musicólogo El Libro, Amenazzy, NFasis, Bonny Cepeda, among others have been part of his catalogue.


He has been the basis of success for more than 15 artists and developed his career with numerous digital projects. He then decided to launch himself as a singer with "an album that feels real, because most of the urban music that Latinos make is synthetic". 


His compositions are inspired by every emotion, whether positive or negative, drawing on genres like pop, reggaeton, Latin, and R&B. His music has at least 60% Colombian influence since he fell in love with the country's varied rhythms and felt it was essential to include them in his musical work.


With an infectious rhythm and a novel formula, the performer has conquered the public with songs like "Te Freno", whose video clip has achieved millions of views on YouTube and is recognized by HTV in the Hot Ranking list. 


His second single, "La va paga", was released on his television debut. But these are not the only songs he has released: "Pa' Rumbea", "Mi loca", "Dale dale", with more than four million views on YouTube, "Amante" was released after the success of "Corazón de Acero", a vibrant piece in which he combines the talent of the Colombian singer Pedrina. 


Equal impact was achieved on platforms, clubs and radio with "Filling", in collaboration with artist Goldy Boy. With these proposals, Bleand continues to ride on a trend of successes that registers songs like "Yo salgo", the hit "La Maquinita", together with N-Fasis, "Filling" with more than eleven million views on YouTube, "Gomelo" one of his most recent hits together with "Cuando Te Vea" and "La Movie". 


Bleand has also seen his social media networks grow – he has over 500,000 followers on Instagram; 28,000 on Facebook, and 200,000 subscribers on YouTube.


Facing the public and working from his production company Bleand Style Recordings Inc., the artist ensures every track he releases is recognized for its excellent sound. Bleand's entire career is now focused on his own figure, which is a plus compared to other artists on the global urban scene.


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