MagicTask: The Gamified Task Management System is Here

2022-05-30 12:00:00 - Raleigh, North Carolina, United States

MagicTask, a next-generation gamified project and task management platform is finally here! With its flagship product, the company MagicTask LLC aims to revolutionize the way we work. The fact that it is developed by a bunch of gamers makes it more interesting and irresistible.

MagicTask is a simplified project management system for web and mobile that helps users boost productivity while maintaining a work-life balance through the use of gamification and hyper-simplicity. But, that’s not all the tool is about, there’s so much more to it. The platform has “Theme Marketplace” that contains unique themes to add an extra layer of creativity and fun while managing your personal or professional daily tasks. For most of us, it is easy to feel overwhelmed and stressed with all the tasks that need to be created, managed, completed, as well as finding it hard to prioritize. Entrepreneurs and managers often wonder why specific teams are more productive while others struggle to meet their goals and deadlines.

As people use the gamified version of this system, they receive points and unlock new levels,  and with each new level they get rewarded with a new experience within MagicTask. Among some very exciting features in this release, users will be able to enjoy a boost in productivity, and a gamified theme marketplace that unlocks the ability to play while you work.

What’s the platform’s North Star? Michael Georgiou, Co-Founder of MagicTask LLC, says, “MagicTask declutters your mind and increases productivity while making it fun to work.” We built MagicTask with a “Best Gamer” mentality. Meaning that in order for a gamer to be the best in what they are playing, you have to be very competitive, see progress and output, relieve stress, value your time, get rewarded, and most importantly have fun (of course).

MagicTask was created to include all of these characteristics and values, which reflects back to the psychology behind the platform and why it was built in the first place. It was made for all of you gamers out there and even the entrepreneurs who want to get things done in a simple way and have fun while doing it.

Platform Layers Committed to Boost Productivity & Fun
1. Inspiring visuals layer
What users will love: simple and elegant user interface. MagicTask has exceptional user interfaces that are aesthetically pleasing for users to navigate and enjoy the platform.  It has an intuitive sleek design, striking an outstanding balance of look and feel, with usability at the forefront. The design was built with an original clean version or what is called the “clean theme” that allows anyone seeking the non-gaming aspect of the system.  Then, there are the marketplace themes that are created specifically for users who love and appreciate gaming, (we will talk about it in a bit).

2. Augmenting the productivity layer
Never losing track
What users will love: a hyper-simplistic way to manage end-to-end tasks in real-time efficiently.  Many traditional project and task management systems are too complicated and too saturated!  

MagicTask encapsulates simplicity, helping teams track project processes in real-time to see if they are on schedule or falling behind.  Each team member can add their own tasks, track them from beginning to end, set deadlines,  and delegate to other team members.  This productivity tool makes it very simple to add tasks and complete them, which motivates users to embrace the tool more often for even small and simple tasks. 

MagicTask gives more control to each team member, so they never lose track. A team benefits from working on a single platform for end-to-end task management where it is easy to collaborate on projects. In addition, a team can achieve their weekly goals more effectively and methodically.

"It is light enough to create a shopping list with my wife in 1 organization and powerful enough torun multi-year projects for my company in another workspace. I use it to augment/replace mymemory as much as I can" - Sudo Innominate (Co-founder of MagicTask)

Complete visibility across teams
What users will love: organization-wide transparency and visibility of tasks; niche features including searching and filtering; gamified fun elements, and the opportunity to earn points.  When project managers have a distinct picture of what’s happening in a specific project, they can handle the team and tasks more efficiently and effectively. 

Using MagicTask, different teams can collaborate effectively on projects while keeping track of the progress for individual projects. Teams can use the search and filter features to check if the task or team member is behind schedule and needs assistance. This gives a laser-focus view of task progression across the organization.

Fun Fact: The platform is gamified where once a user completes a task, users receive a value of points created by a proprietary algorithm. This allows the user to compete with others within a team, making it fun to be productive and organized.

MagicTask has helped the team leads, and project managers boost team efficiency with a  well-defined idea of how to delegate without overloading and overmanaging.

A user-driven system
What users will love: a truly agile system; highly customizable and user-driven. While traditional project management systems compel users to work in the way they are designed, MagicTask is unique in this landscape. The solution is highly customizable, curated, and designed to be user-driven.

Users can literally make the system work exactly the way they want it to. MagicTask helps conform to a systematic and enjoyable approach. The platform allows everyone to plan their tasks, assign tasks in the order of priority, and assign new tasks. The platform is truly agile in its simplest form.

3. Well-being layer
Clears the mind for maximum efficiency
What users will love: prioritizing tasks with ease, helping with decluttering, boosting creativity, and reducing stress. Decluttering one’s mind can help considerably – it can boost creativity, reduce stress, and includes many other benefits as well.

It is easy to get overwhelmed when an enormous project or tons of tasks are assigned all at once. It can get kind of crazy and demanding, which can also be counter-productive. Having pending items lurking at the back of the mind leads to a lot of stress. People often forget things or work on tasks out of order with too much to handle and without effective prioritization.

So, what’s the solution? The solution is known as memory augmentation, which is to get something out of one’s head and put it into an organized system with a top-down approach. Understanding that 90 percent of work is really trying to remember everything one has to do, especially when one has 5-6 different projects and tasks related to their personal life.

In this context, MagicTask works beautifully! It assures efficiency, organization, prioritization, and fulfillment, all while decluttering the mental space allowing you to enjoy the many amazing things that life has to offer.

4. Fun layer
It helps make your work feel like play


Unlike other project and task management tools, MagicTask comes with unique themes that are rare, exclusive and in limited edition. As you create, assign and/or complete tasks, the points get added in your points pool. The more you use the system, the more points you get!

Theme cards
When you purchase a theme card, you receive your very own, unique version of that card. What  makes your card unique is the mint number that shows the order in which you obtained it.  For example, the first person to buy the Arcade Theme will have #1 out of 16,420. The last  person will have #16,420 out of 16,420. As you collect more themes, you can easily equip other themes and switch between them!


Leveling up and unlocking unique content

As you use MagicTask with your new theme equipped, you earn points and your theme levels  up. As your theme gets more powerful, unique abilities such as animations, sound effects, and other content are unlocked!  This allows the user to compete with others within a team and makes it fun to be productive and organized.


Theme Rarity

Each theme comes with its own rarity level, which is based on the quantity and the number of  active users in the system at the time of the drop. 

The rarity levels are as follows:

1. Common
2. Distinguished
3. Rare
4. Epic
5. Legendary
6. Majestic
7. Grandmaster


A mind-blowing experience for all

Ultimately, MagicTask helps users stay hyper-focus on tasks while decluttering the mind and having fun all at the same time. Not only individuals, but the entire organization can use this platform to increase efficiency and productivity. It augments and speeds up the successful delivery of projects.

Users can also set up and organize their own projects and workspaces (unlimited by the way),  in a way they want, rather than trying to mold it into how the tool has designed it.  MagicTask is a one-stop, agile gamified solution where users can look forward to experiencing a system that’s robust, easy, simple, fun, and has all of those essential features that users need,
but without all of the clutter!

Look out for more updates in the newer releases

The all new MagicTask is a futuristic experience for people to solve the challenges of task management and productivity that we’ve all been facing – but it is only the beginning. MagicTask is set to release many more exciting upgrades, including enhanced features to make  users more future-ready and more themes that people want within the marketplace.

Want to try the new MagicTask platform? Sign-up for MagicTask now:

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