Main Trends in Crypto for 2019

2021-08-20 15:46:25 - VILNIUS, LITHUANIA - (PR Distribution™)

Vytautas Zabulis

After a turbulent 2018, everyone is wondering what 2019 will bring. Here are some of the main trends in cryptocurrencies and the broader cryptoeconomy for 2019.

STOs should replace ICOs

If you’re invested in the crypto world, you certainly hear a lot that ICOs might be dead. The next thing in crypto will definitely be Security Token Offerings or STOs, as they make securities on blockchain more transparent, transferable, and secure, you can get fixed or flexible returns, depending on the company revenue, and you can gain non-proprietary rights.

More rules will come. And it’s OK

The Securities and Exchange Commission, SEC, is expected to target companies with inquiries that will bring greater compliance from existing players and the ones planning on just starting their businesses. There is also a chance that the market will seek to regulate itself before government bodies overregulate them. HODL Finance proposed an idea to establish an industry-wide association of crypto-backed loan companies in order to set rules for consumer protection and legal compliance.

Stablecoins will become more stable

Stablecoins look promising in crypto lending, as they enable exchanging tokens at a stable rate. They minimize price volatility and include minor fluctuations, which makes getting a crypto-backed loan easier and more secure. They’re certain to become more stable.

Custody solutions will become cheaper

Custody solutions and insurance are becoming the industry standard in the world of crypto lending. Providing investors with an opportunity to trade cryptocurrencies without the risk of theft is crucial, which is why major crypto exchanges, such as Gemini and BitGo, already have their own custody offerings. As similar services spread, they will become more affordable.

Cryptocurrencies will become more mainstream

The introduction of Bitcoin futures has seen mainstream adoption, as the futures enable investors to bet against Bitcoin and settle contracts in real money, as well as trade off Bitcoin even if they don’t actually own it. As cryptocurrencies will hit the mainstream road, we will see many more crypto-backed loans too.

Security will be a prime source of innovation

Blockchain enables secure transactions and prevents fraud, which is why it’s constantly inspiring new applications. Security remains the primary concern in the cryptoeconomy, thus it will be the primary source of innovation in the industry. Greater security will bring greater stability.

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