Mallory Safety to Showcase Industry-First, Integrated Pulley Lightweight Rescue Micro Descender at AWEA Conference Wind Energy Attendees Will See Unveiling of New Ape-Xtreme Descender First NFPA 1

02/27/2019 07:01 - Portland, Oregon - (PR Distribution™)

Mallory Safety and Supply LLC, the largest independent safety distributor in the Western United States, today announced the company will unveil and demonstrate its advanced new ENSA-Approved™ Wind Safety innovations, including the lightest, strongest full tower multi-use Micro Rescue System with NFPA 1983-Certified Lifesafety Rope on the market, at the 2019 AWEA Wind Safety Conference in Coronado, Calif., February 25-28, 2019.

At the AWEA Show, the West Coast’s largest annual event for Wind Safety Professionals, Mallory will demonstrate Wind Safety products and equipment, on-site production consulting and support services, and worker and supervisor training. This combined approach provides Wind Energy organizations with a complete, worker safety solution that helps these businesses increase revenue and reduce down time and incidents.

At AWEA, Mallory Safety will also demonstrate for the first time, its new Ape-Xtreme Micro Descender, the industry’s first go anywhere, do-everything micro descender system. The Ape-Xtreme Assisted Rescue and Personal Escape System is designed for rescue and evacuation by persons who work at height in or on structures where an additional means of rescue or emergency egress involves the use of a control descent device. Now, any rescuer or worker in Wind Power, Fire Service, Industrial, Oil & Gas, Construction and Telecom operations can conduct easy, efficient rescue in any situation. These rescue situations include: vertical descent, static horizontal lifelines, confined space, inside ladder wells, and rescue unreachable situations.

Wind Energy Seeks Specific at-Height Equipment, Training to Increase Worker Productivity, Safety

The growing number of wind projects has created incremental demand for the supply of advanced safety equipment, project staffing and training. Global Wind Power organizations also are seeking to reduce incidents, and demand innovative solutions and methods to deliver improved worker safety.

Working with wind turbines is not hazard-free. There are large heavy components, dizzying heights, and unpredictable weather conditions. These demanding situations present a challenging work environment. Also, according to an article in Occupational Health and Safety Magazine, Training Wind Energy Workers, compared to twenty years ago when wind turbines were 80-foot hub heights, the average technician today is working close to 300-feet above ground. 

Current research has shown that the implementation of safety programs has a positive effect on company productivity. According to the authors of Increasing Productivity and Profit through Health & Safety , “. . . better working conditions lead to increased safety and higher productivity and profit . . . benefits come from a safer workplace with lower injury costs, higher productivity, etc.”

“Changing Wind Power industry regulations and remote worker safety challenges have led to demand for innovative equipment, ongoing project support/staffing, and hands-on training. Today’s Wind Energy safety managers are looking for solutions that enhance worker wellbeing, increase productivity and reduce downtime,” said Mallory Safety President, Tim Loy. “Our advanced, new products, job-oriented accessories, and world-class regional training facilities address these safety challenges, and provide workers with the skills and protection they need to increase their job confidence and efficiency, and reduce risk.”

About Mallory Safety and Supply

Mallory Safety and Supply LLC is the largest independent safety distributor in the Western US, with approximately 350 employees, and 22 locations in Washington, Oregon, California, Idaho, Nevada, Colorado, New Mexico and Wisconsin. Mallory provides Industrial, Defense and Aviation, Municipalities, Oil and Gas, Responders, Ethanol, Wood and Pulp, Wind Energy, Telecom, Roofing and Construction and other industries with advanced safety solutions including: Safety Equipment, Staffing, Training, Vending, Turnaround, Mobile Training, Rental, Product Service and Support, Consulting, and other services. For more than 30-years, Mallory Safety has delivered a broad array of worker safety protection products, systems, and abrasives, cutting tools, clean room and construction supplies, to exceed customer expectations and deliver both safety expertise and full-solution vendor consolidation and supply chain efficiency for organizations. For more information, visit http://www.malloryco.com/ .

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