Managing Your Managers

2022-09-01 12:00:00 - Carmel, Indiana, United States - (PR Distribution™)

Always striving for the best, HHJ Consulting in Carmel Indiana, has found a niche in business coaching with office managers.

Business coaches have been around for years, but many focus on the business owner and not the supporting staff, like office managers. “I know when I was at my busiest, I did not have time to train my own manager or staff and wished someone could have helped me,” says Hillary Hushower Jones. In this new style of business coaching, owners and supporting staff can have coaching weekly. Now, when owners don’t have time to train their managers, HHJ Consulting, can step in and train simultaneously. We have found a successful office needs managers who are empowered and trained. 

Common items we coach on: 

  • Statistics and Forecasting
  • Budgeting
  • Employee Managing
  • Payroll Help
  • Interviewing and Hiring
  • Internal and External Marketing
  • Quarterly Meetings

Business coaching is beneficial for businesses in many stages including struggling and thriving. While HHJ Consulting focuses more on coaching business owners that have been in business for a couple of years or more-we do not turn away start-ups.  Hillary Hushower Jones has been a Certified Intuitive Life Coach and Business Coach since 2021. She brings over 15 years of knowledge and always has at least one coach of her own. Hillary incorporates life coaching as needed into the program. “I find that business problems often have personal problems in disguise,” says Hillary. She practices what she preaches and is in practice at Rangeline Chiropractic in Carmel Indiana for over 15 years. She and her husband also own several rental houses and other businesses together. The best way to contact her is at


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