Manjy Sidoo’s Family Announces Annual Scholarship Winner

2022-03-02 20:00:00 - Vancouver, British Colombia, Canada - (PR Distribution™)

Manjy Sidoo, the wife of a successful businessman and philanthropist, David Sidoo, recently helped announce the winner of the family’s annual scholarship at the Supra Soccer Academy in Canada. Emerson Bauer beat out several worthy candidates for the 2021 Sidoo Family Giving Scholarship. 

The standout from New Westminster not only has the potential to be a star on the pitch, but his grades in school have him set up nicely for a future beyond sports and perhaps college admission.

The scholarship aims to open up opportunities for Bauer to compete against some of the best soccer players in the world as he attempts to evolve as a player. Thanks to the support from the Sidoo’s he competed last fall in the United Kingdom against some of the best players in the UK.   

Supra Academy leaders aim to help out some of the most promising soccer players in British Columbia.

The academy wants to provide an opportunity for all young budding soccer athletes from across British Columbia. Assisting them with their skills and giving them opportunities to compete with some of the world's best players. Manjy Sidoo and her family support many non profits whose goal is to create a positive experience for the youth in BC through participating in sports. 

Manjy Sidoo’s husband, David Sidoo, was a former football player at the University of British Columbia. He was also the first South Asian to play professional football in the CFL (Canadian Football League), starting with the Saskatchewan Roughriders and ending his six-year career with the BC Lions. 

Their sons (Dylan and Jordan Sidoo) played sports at the collegiate level in the United States. Jordan was recruited onto the rowing team as a coxswain at Cal Berkeley (University of California Berkeley), while Dylan played Pac 12 Rugby at USC (University of Southern California). 

Work is already underway to determine the next scholarship winner. Supra Academy coaches are looking at several new applicants for the scholarship and will award it later this year.

Manjy Sidoo and the entire family will have input into who the scholarship recipient might be. For them, helping these young athletes is a privilege. As they have said in the past “to whom much is given much is expected”.

For more information on the Sidoo Family Giving and the Supra Soccer Academy go to their respective websites. www.sidoofamilygiving.com and www. suprasocceracademy.com

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