MathWallet Joins WAWEB3 Conference to Strengthen Presence in Australian Market

2023-03-01 12:00:00 - Singapore, Singapore - (PR Distribution™)

MathWallet, a company dedicated to providing secure crypto wallets and Web3 blockchain technology services, will participate in the WAWEB3 Conference held at the University Club of Western Australia from April 5th to 6th, 2023. 


The conference will focus on the theme "Sustainable Web3 Applications: New Economic Opportunities". MathWallet hopes to strengthen its cooperation with renowned technology experts, scholars, and government officials in the industry by participating in the WAWEB3 Conference and providing more advanced Web3 technology and security services to Australia.

MathWallet's CTO and Co-Founder Eric will give a speech at the conference titled "The Future of Crypto Wallets: Your Digital Identity" to discuss how to protect digital identities in the digital economy. This is a timely and important topic, and security issues are at the forefront of the digital economy. 

MathWallet hopes to expand the Australian market by participating in the WAWEB3 Conference and providing more Web3 technology support to Australia to achieve its vision of "creating a secure Web3 environment". At the same time, this is also an essential step for MathWallet to lay out the global market.

The conference will provide participants with a valuable opportunity to network with local industry experts and investors in Australia, with the world's leading WEB3 experts from academia, industry, and government working together to drive the development of Web3. MathWallet looks forward to working with all parties to contribute to the development of WEB3 technology in Australia.

About MathWallet

MathWallet is the Multichain Wallet for Web3 that enables token storage of over one hundred chains including BTC, ETH, Polkadot, Cosmos, Filecoin, Solana, BNBChain, etc, supports cross-chain token bridges and multi-chain dApp store. Our investors include Fenbushi Capital, Binance Labs, Fundamental Labs, Multicoin Capital, NGC Ventures, Amber Group, 6Eagle Capital. 

Visit mathwallet.org for more information.

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